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Melbourne Chinese Orchestra Selections, 1931

This black-and-white clip shows part of a traditional Chinese musical performance on stage by eight members of the Melbourne Chinese Orchestra in 1931. The clip begins with a caption reading: 'SELECTIONS / Melbourne Chinese Orchestra', shown on the closed stage curtain. The music begins at the same time and then the curtain ...


Chinese collection

This is a group of six Chinese cultural objects from the Museum of Queensland's online learning resource 'Celebration of culture'. The group of objects comprises: two Chinese lanterns; a set of muyus or Chinese wooden slit drums; a gold-plated ceramic dragon; a yueqin or Chinese lute, often known as a moon guitar; a lady's ...


'Harvest of Endurance' scroll, 1988

This is the multiculturalism panel from the 'Harvest of Endurance' scroll celebrating the history of Chinese people in Australia as part of the 1988 Australian Bicentenary celebrations. This panel on the scroll depicts, at centre right, Australian political figures relevant to the ending of the White Australia Policy. At ...


Chinese proclamation tablet, 1889

This is a black-and-white photograph of a sandalwood tablet measuring 183 cm x 72 cm. The tablet is covered in gesso (plaster of Paris) and gilded gold leaf, embossed with images of birds and foliage, and enclosed in a carved wooden frame (not visible in this image). The Chinese characters are printed in black and the main ...

Teacher resource

Recording the grandeur of the Qing: teacher guide and lessons

This is a teaching resource about 17th and 18th century China during the reigns of the greatest Qing emperors - Kangxi Emperor and Qianlong Emperor. It comprises a teachers' guide with study and class discussion questions and a set of three lesson plans. The questions are organised around five topics: the emperors, the ...

Moving Image

Remembering Wu Guanzhong

This is a slideshow of five artworks by renowned 20th-century Chinese artist, Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010). The slideshow is accompanied by an audio tribute to the artist by curator Melissa Chiu, which is also available as a text transcript. There is an enlargeable image of his landscape 'Camels in the desert' (1981), related ...

Moving Image

Decoding Chinese calligraphy

This resource is a video titled ‘Decoding Chinese Calligraphy’ that shows master Chinese calligrapher Cai Xingyi demonstrating the five major scripts of Chinese calligraphy. Set to traditional Chinese music, the video shows the word ‘Autumn’ being written in each of the scripts - Seal, Clerical, Standard, Semicursive and ...

Moving Image

Artist Ming Ren on Chinese propaganda posters

This resource is the first of two videos on a web page about the Chinese propoganda artist Min Reng. In the interview, the artist is standing in front of one of his posters, and talks to camera about the characteristics of the poster appropriate to Chinese propaganda poster art. Specifically, the artist speaks about the ...

Still Image

Zhang Xiaogang, 'Bloodline (Two comrades with red baby)', 1995

This is a painting by Chinese artist Zhang Xiaogang (b1958) depicting two parents and a child. The painting is shown as an enlargeable image. Text onscreen gives information about the context and intention of the work of art, critical of the one-child policy in China, as well as a comprehensive visual analysis explaining ...