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Listed under:  Civil engineering

Engineer a dam

The "Engineer a Dam" activity and supporting student resources explore the function and engineering of dams and how they have many uses and solve many problems in the world. Students work in teams to engineer their own am structure in a classroom water trough that has the ability to release water in a controlled manner, ...


Engineering Ups and Downs

The Engineering Ups and Downs lesson and supporting student resources explore the engineering and principles behind working elevators. Student teams explore the history of elevators, their design, and develop their own working elevator using wheels, pulleys, string, cardboard and other materials. Student teams design their ...


West Gate Bridge under construction, 1969 - item 1

This is a black-and-white photograph of the construction of the West Gate Bridge across the lower Yarra River in Melbourne. In the foreground is what appears to be a span waiting to be lifted onto two piers, or pillars. Another pier is visible on the far side of the river. Some scaffolding, machinery and construction huts ...


West Gate Bridge under construction, 1969 - item 2

This is a black-and-white photograph of the construction of the West Gate Bridge, seen from the base of the bridge piers and looking east towards Port Melbourne. The photograph was taken from the river embankment at the intersection of Douglas Parade and Hyde Street, Spotswood, and shows the main bridge span being raised ...


Engineering: more than bridges and roads

Engineers apply science, technology and innovation to the design of solutions to real-world problems. In this clip, civil engineering student Arna Smith describes some of the many fields and types of civil engineering projects, and how they impact people's lives. Find out what attracted Arna to engineering and how she hopes ...


Critical load

This lesson focuses on issues civil engineers face when designing a structure. The activity explores some concepts of structural engineering and how to measure the critical load, or the maximum weight a structure can bear. Students learn about basic structures, how to reinforce, materials selection, and working as a team, ...