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Types of coral reproduction

Coral reef expert Professor Peter Harrison discusses sexual and asexual types of reproduction in coral reefs. Footage of living reefs together with animations are used to illustrate the differences between sexual and asexual reproduction.


Coral reproduction patterns

Coral reef expert Professor Peter Harrison discusses the complexities of coral reef reproduction patterns. Footage of living reefs with animation illustrates patterns of developing larvae, and dispersal and attachment on and between reefs.


What damages and stresses coral reefs?

In this clip, coral reef scientist Professor Peter Harrison responds to a request by Dr Kiki Sanford to outline specific natural and human-induced factors that stress coral reefs. He then explains that a combination of both natural and chronic human stressors is leading to a decline of coral reef systems around the world.


Gaps in understanding of coral reef ecology

In this clip, coral reef scientist Professor Peter Harrison explains that there are still huge gaps in our knowledge of coral reef ecology. He states that one of the key concerns among researchers is how corals are likely to respond to a changing climate that is causing sea temperatures to rise and ocean chemistry to change. ...


The future of coral reefs

In this clip, Dr Kiki Sanford asks coral reef scientist Professor Peter Harrison whether he sees a bleak future for the world’s coral reefs. He replies that, although the overall health of coral reefs worldwide will probably continue to decline, there is much reason for hope that at least some coral reef communities will ...


Lobster tales, 1998: Life stages of the lobster

This clip shows a female western rock lobster cleaning her eggs while contending with the parasites and barnacles that cover her shell. When the eggs have hatched, the larvae emerge. They swim to the surface current and are swept hundreds of kilometres out to sea. Those that survive return over a year later as juvenile lobsters.

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Data representation and interpretation - years 9 and 10

This is a teacher resource describing a set of student activities based on temperature and rainfall data and climate graphs for a number of cities in the Asia region, including Australian cities. The activities focus on constructing graphs from climate data and interpreting climate graphs. The resource encourages students ...

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Exploring farms that produce our meat and wool

This is a teacher resource containing a sequence of activities relating to meat and wool production in Australia. It contains material to assist planning and implementing a study of where farmers live, where our meat and wool comes from, technologies used in production and resource management, and how farm environment and ...