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'The Rosie Project' and writing comedy

Do you agree with the view that comedy is the hardest genre to write? The comedy writer must repeatedly create expectations before surprising the reader with unanticipated but viable outcomes. In this clip, listen to members of the First Tuesday Book Club discuss Graham Simsion's romantic comedy novel 'The Rosie Project' ...

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Playing with devices in 'The Rosie Project'

Do you dislike knowing the ending of a story before it begins, or do you skip straight to the end? In this clip, panellists on the First Tuesday Book Club discuss the technique of engaging the reader in a story that has an obvious conclusion. They also discuss how the author of 'The Rosie Project' uses complex literary ...

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Hitting the funny bone with comedian Josh Thomas

Josh Thomas is one of Australia's favourite comedians. What is it about his routines that keep his audience in stitches? Sit back and have a giggle as you investigate the nature of humour in this clip.

Interactive resource

Lights, camera, action: editing

Explore how editing helps to tell a story in films. Learn words used to describe transitions and time span of scenes. See how the order of scenes and type of transitions can affect the flow, set a mood and keep an audience interested. Look at ways to create feelings such as excitement, humour or fear. For example, a 'fade-in' ...

Interactive resource

Lights, camera, action: lighting

Explore how lighting effects are used in films to tell a story. Learn words used to describe light levels and lighting effects. See how combinations of lighting can hide or reveal things, set a mood and influence audience feelings. Look at ways to create feelings such as excitement, humour or fear. For example, dim lighting ...

Interactive resource

Making water drinkable: water treatment

Explore a water treatment plant. Look at how water can be treated to remove unwanted substances. Examine processes such as filtration, evaporation, distillation and flocculation. This learning object is one in a series of five objects. The series is also packaged as a combined learning object.

Interactive resource

Grumpy in the desert

Help a friend who has crashed his car in the desert and jumbled up food and equipment. Recover ingredients needed to make tea from the mixed-up supplies. Separate mixtures by using scientific techniques such as distillation, filtration, centrifuging and magnetism.


Grandad Rudd, 1935: A country cricket match

This black-and-white clip taken from the 1935 feature 'Grandad Rudd' shows 34 runs being scored off the last ball to give the Rudd family victory in a cricket match against the Regan family. Set on a country cricket ground, the clip opens with Grandad Rudd hitting the ball into a well. As the excited crowd in the pavilion ...

Teacher resource

'If we shadows have offended ...' - unit of work

This unit focuses on the practical, fully realised theatrical discovery of Shakespeare’s comedy 'A midsummer night’s dream'. Through a range of reading, writing and workshop opportunities, students explore the language, structure, story and presentational performance techniques of the Bard’s magical script, before trying ...


Harvesting eucalyptus in 1929

This is an excerpt from a silent black-and-white documentary entitled 'The Eucalyptus Industry', which dates from 1929. The excerpt begins with an intertitle that reads 'The harvesting of the Eucalypt scrub provides material for an exclusive Australian industry'. Men are shown collecting eucalyptus scrub by hand and loading ...


Distilling eucalyptus oil in 1929

This is an excerpt from a silent black-and-white documentary entitled 'The Eucalyptus Industry', which dates from 1929. It shows two men stamping eucalyptus leaves into a distillery vat. A wooden lid is then lowered onto the top by a pulley system and the vat is sealed securely. This scene is followed by an intertitle that ...


Western Australia Condenser Company, c1895

This is a black-and-white photograph, measuring 15 cm x 20 cm, of a water condenser, which was manufactured by the Western Australian Condenser Company. The manufacturer's name is inscribed at the bottom of the photo. The condenser was installed and working near Coolgardie around 1895. The words 'Tuckfield Patent' are visible ...


Mammoth government condenser at Coolgardie, 1902

This is a sepia photograph, measuring 8 cm x 27 cm, showing a huge condenser that was built by the Western Australian Government to supply fresh water to Coolgardie and to the railways, before the Coolgardie Water Supply Scheme designed by C Y O'Connor was opened. It shows ranks of boilers, chimneys and condensing units. ...


'Your house and mine', 1954 - asset 18

This is a clip from a 22-minute colour documentary made in Melbourne, Victoria in 1954 titled 'Your house and mine'. Set to jaunty music with a voice-over, the clip shows owner-builders in comical situations with, for example, a man sitting on a piece of timber suspended from a window frame and falling off after sawing ...


The Night the Prowler, 1978: 'Felicity is a girl of delicate sensibility'

This clip shows Doris Bannister (Ruth Cracknell) on the phone, discussing the prospect of the marriage of her daughter Felicity (Kerry Walker) to John (John Derum), a rising young diplomat. When Felicity arrives home, Doris tries to discover when John is coming to visit. Later that night, Doris again tries to get a response ...


City Traffic in Variable Moods, c1920

This black-and-white silent film shows pedestrian and road traffic, including trams, cars, motorcyclists and a few horse-drawn vehicles, in Melbourne's city centre in the 1920s. It begins with an intertitle, 'City Traffic in variable moods', and then features shots of the South Melbourne tram and Flinders Street Railway ...


Big Hair Woman, 1996: Effie in PNG

This clip shows Australian actor Mary Coustas, in the character of Effie Stephanides, entering a radio studio in Papua New Guinea with John Honari. As a prelude to interviewing her, Honari reads out a flattering introductory speech about Effie that she has written and given to him. She mouths the words while he reads it. ...


'The Harbour Bridge' comedy routine, 1930

This is the spoken section of a comedy routine about the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It intersperses a range of statistics about the Bridge, which opened in 1932, with a series of jokes and is performed by John Henry, a Yorkshire comedian who came to Australia for variety and radio engagements in the early 1930s.

Teacher resource

Theatre as an art form: devising a class play

This web resource is a unit of work that focuses on students writing and performing a group script devised from either 'Knuffle bunny free' by Mo Willems or 'Ox-cart man' by Donald Hall. It is part of Brigham Young University's theatre education database. The resource contains seven lesson plans: Introducing story and devising; ...

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How to be funny

What is the key to being funny? As Tim Ferguson explains, if you can laugh, you can write comedy. Has something funny happened to you lately? Or is there something in particular that you find puzzling or amusing about the world around you? Put your thoughts on paper and experiment with telling your story in different ways. ...