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Listed under:  Language  >  Language conventions  >  Punctuation  >  Commas
Interactive Resource

BBC Skillswise: going to work with commas - activity

This is a game about commas. It contains two activities that illustrate how commas make sentences more readable and establish their meaning. In the first activity students replace unnecessary 'ands' with commas in various texts set in a workplace context. In the second they match a sentence with a picture and see how comma ...

Interactive Resource

The comma: lists

This is an interactive resource focusing on the use of commas, and the words 'and' and 'or'. It contains seven examples, each of which present the user with one or two sentences to be punctuated by adding commas or deleting the words 'and' or 'or'. The four main editing buttons allow the user to insert a comma, delete punctuation, ...

Interactive Resource

Putting the comma in its place

This resource focuses on how to use commas correctly, with information, links and activities. This resource supports the Australian Curriculum in English K–10.

Teacher resource

Snapshot writing lesson - being descriptive by appealing to the senses

Students learn to become more descriptive in their writing by using figurative language and commas to develop a highly visible picture in their readers' heads. They use similes and metaphors to associate an image with a meaning and play on the senses to engage their readers in what they have written.