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Listed under:  Society  >  Social relations  >  Committed relationships

Letter to Leading Aircraftman Howard Kellehear from Nell, 22 Jan 1942

This is a two-page letter, handwritten on lined off-white paper, with considerable losses from insect activity. The paper has browned and significant staining is also evident. It measures 24.7 cm long x 19.6 cm wide.


Chequerboard Revisited - I Reckon I'm An Average Australian, 2000: The past is another country

This clip shows formerly married couple Kevin and Margaret in 2000 living their separate lives, 30 years after they were first interviewed for the 'Chequerboard' program. Interviewed in their house, Margaret's new husband talks with warmth about Margaret's qualities and their relationship of 17 years. Kevin, interviewed ...


Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm

This is a close-up photograph of the famous Australian pilots Charles Kingsford Smith (on the left) and Charles Ulm. It was taken in 1930.


The Trespassers, 1976: 'You've got no right to object'

This clip shows Richard (John Derum) reacting angrily when his wife Penny (Briony Behets) tells him she has slept with his ex-lover Dee (Judy Morris). The confrontation takes place in the bedroom of a cottage where the three are staying. Penny tells Richard that, in light of his recent behaviour, he has no right to object. ...


Wedding dress worn by Hannah Palser Prior, 1882

This is a wedding dress worn by Hannah Palser Prior on her wedding day in 1882. The dress is made from silk gauze and has a cream wool-and-silk trained bustle. The skirt is trimmed with shirring and pleating and the cuffs and yoke are ruched white satin. The dress has a cuirasse bodice with a high round neck, long sleeves ...


Extended Andrianakis and Lefas families greeting new arrival at Station Pier, Port Melbourne, 1957

This 1957 black-and-white photograph shows members of the Andrianakis and Lefas families standing on Station Pier in Port Melbourne. They had gathered for the arrival of a relation, Maria, who had come to Australia to marry Petro Lefas (standing back row left). This photograph shows their first meeting. The image was collected ...


Ivan Kucan and friend building friend's home, 1951

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Ivan Kucan, right, and an unknown friend working to build the friend's house in Newport, Victoria.


Boys in front of Nissen huts at Nunawading Migrant Hostel, 1958-59

This is a black-and-white photograph showing teenager Michael Clarke and a friend leaning against a tree in front of Nissen huts at the Nunawading Migrant Hostel.


Ivan Kucan and friends eating ice-cream at Bonegilla Migrant Reception and Training Centre, 1950

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Ivan Kucan, third from left, and five other men at Bonegilla Migrant Reception and Training Centre. Three of the group are eating ice-cream. The men are probably resting during a work project.


Video of Anita Apinis speaking about her parents, who emigrated from Latvia as refugees, 2006

This is a video of Anita Apinis speaking about her parents' experience of emigrating from Latvia to Australia as refugees. She demonstrates traditional Latvian weaving on the loom that her parents brought to Australia, made from salvaged wood in a displaced person's camp in Memmingen, Germany. She also discusses traditional ...


Letter to Flight Lieutenant Graham Conning from Corporal Alan Jenkins, 15 July 1945

This is a five-page letter, handwritten in ink on Japanese tissue paper ruled with red lines. Each page is landscape format and has a bold, red border with two kanji characters (Japanese script) printed in red at left above and three below. Each sheet measures 18 cm long x 25.2 cm wide.


War correspondence - letter to Harry from Joyce, 17 February 1942

This is a two-page letter, handwritten in pencil on lined paper. The paper is creased and browned. It measures 23.6 cm long x 19.0 cm wide.


Letter to Leading Aircraftman Howard Kellehear from Nell, 18 Jan 1942

This is a two-page letter, handwritten on lined paper with four emblems printed along top edge in red and blue: ACF, RSL, THE SALVATION ARMY and YMCA. The paper is creased, stained and has minor losses. It is somewhat browned. It measures 24.6 cm long x 19.6 cm wide.


My Place - Episode 4: 1978: Mike, The 'Tippy'

Mike learns from his father, Michaelis, that the 'Tippy' is different since returning from the Vietnam War. Regardless of difference, Mike regards the Tippy as his genuine best friend.


My Place - Episode 5: 1968: Sofia, Speaking the language

Sofia and her friend Mareka are watching Professor Julius Sumner Miller's television science show, 'Why is it so?', when Janice arrives and meets Sofia's mother and grandmother. She needs Sofia to translate the conversation and Sofia deliberately tells each party a wrong translation.


My Place - Episode 7: 1948: Jen, Holdens

Wal visits Jen's mother to take her to the pictures in his new FJ Holden. Jen is unaware of the affections between her mother and Wal. When Wal gives Jen's mother a kiss goodnight, Jen becomes suspicious.


Liberation and loss for married women in the 1960s

This clip contrasts the freedom women gained from the contraceptive pill with their loss of rights at work once they married. The clip focuses on Susan Magarey's initial ignorance of the pill; mandatory resignation from her permanent job as a teacher as soon as she married; and the reasons for her decision not to accept ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: Indonesian section 14: best friends

This set of interactive activities from the Languages online resource introduces the language for talking about best friends and some key time phrases (soon, later, tonight and tomorrow). Guided conversations are used to model Indonesian language structures and their pronunciation to support students' learning. Student ...

Moving Image

Redefining marriage: analysing an argument

Why do people get married? Around the world, some people marry for love while others marry for social or pragmatic reasons, including economic ones. In this clip, filmed in 1973, explore the arguments of leading anthropologist Dr Margaret Mead as she challenges many of the ideas about marriage that were current at the time.

Moving Image

Margaret Mead's perspective on parenting, 1973

Do you think society's attitudes towards marriage and parenting change over time? Do you share the same views about these things as your grandparents or great-grandparents? In this clip, made in 1973 and featuring anthropologist Dr Margaret Mead, explore some of the factors that influence the way you view parenting. Reflect ...