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'The 150th anniversary celebrations invite Kodak snapshots' poster, 1938

This is a colour poster from 1938 that promotes a competition for photographs taken with Kodak cameras during Australia's 150th anniversary celebrations. The competition offers £55 in prizes. The poster's slogan appears against a background illustration featuring a number of national flags, including the Australian and ...


Family with pony, dog, car and horse float at the Royal Melbourne Show, 1975

This is a colour photograph showing the Sheldon family on a day trip at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, Ascot Vale, with their pony Misty and dog Beau in 1975. The family's horse float and car are behind them. Misty had been awarded second prize in her competition. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.

Teacher resource

Planning an independent science investigation

This clip shows students planning their own independent, open-ended science investigation, which will be entered into the CSIRO CREST awards. Students are able to identify a topic of their own interest for the investigation, which aims to develop their science inquiry skills. The teacher emphasises the need for thorough ...