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Interactive Resource

The Whitlams meet the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

The Whitlams meet the Sydney Symphony Orchestra was produced through a partnership between the Sydney Opera House and the NSW Department of Education (then the NSW Department of Education and Training). It consists of an interview (divided into eight video clips) with Tim Freedman from The Whitlams and conductor Ben Northey ...

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A journey into world music

From Japanese drumming to African choirs, there is a wide world of music to be enjoyed beyond mainstream pop music in Australia. Music from one culture will often sound very different to music from another, using varied musical styles and instruments. Come along on a musical journey and explore the increasingly popular ...

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An octet that's not stuck in a 'holding pattern'

Experience an impressive live performance from the legendary Mike Nock Octet as they play 'Holding patterns' (Suite SIMA). Nock is one of the giants of jazz and this clip showcases his composition and arrangement skills, as well as the amazing improvisation and interplay between highly skilled jazz musicians.

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Mangrove: a landscape made from music

Have you ever heard violins make sounds like mosquitoes or a flock of birds? What about a trumpet sounding like a frog? In this clip, we are taken behind the scenes of Queensland's Great Barrier Reef Orchestra as they rehearse Peter Sculthorpe's composition 'Mangrove'. We hear from some of the orchestra's musicians as they ...

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Creating music from guns

Discover why an artist makes musical instruments from guns as we take a look at Mexican artist Pedro Reyes's exhibition 'Disarm' at NGV International, the National Gallery of Victoria. Reyes has, with the help of local artisans, constructed instruments using parts from weapons confiscated by the Mexican government.

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Improvising music from recycled materials

Discover the story behind the dan tre, a unique musical instrument made from bamboo and recycled materials. It was created by Vietnamese refugee Minh Tam Nguyen. He later generously donated the instrument to the Australian people, which has enabled us to hear his story. Find out why the dan tre carries special significance ...

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The Raah Project: Melbourne's musical melting pot

Imagine a mix of classical music, jazz and hip-hop. The Raah Project combines these styles to create exciting new compositions and live performances. This clip features interviews with composers and musicians from The Raah Project as well behind-the-scenes footage of rehearsals and live performances. This groundbreaking ...

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Sounding brass and tinkling cymbals in Box Hill

Have you ever heard a brass band play? Listen to members of a Victorian brass band, the Box Hill City Band, discuss the rewards and challenges of playing in one of Australia's oldest brass bands.

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Masonik: bringing music and video together

Masonik is a group of artists who combine music, electronics and visual imagery to create a range of fascinating artworks. Watch and listen as the group performs an excerpt from its piece 'Xanah' on Radio National TV.

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Layering music with Neil Rabinowitz

There are many ways to compose and arrange music. Watch how music producer Neil Rabinowitz goes about the process of 'layering' to create complex music pieces.

Interactive resource

Discovering democracy: rules and laws

Find out why societies need laws by interacting with a slideshow of images and text presenting the development of road rules. Complete a related task.

Teacher resource

Representations of Ned Kelly - Teacher idea

In this Teacher idea, students evaluate the accuracy, reliability and representativeness of the way popular culture depicts historical figures like Ned Kelly. A variety of digital resources is used to help students decide if Ned Kelly was a hero or a villain. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


'Gravelpits Ballarat', 1854

This is a watercolour, pen and ink sketch by Charles Alphonse Doudiet that shows government officials conducting licence inspections among miners in the Gravel Pits diggings on Gravel Pits Lead at Ballarat, Victoria, on 30 November 1854.


Uniformed Boer horsemen in the Transvaal, c1900

This is a black-and-white photograph of a line of uniformed Boer horsemen in the Transvaal (now part of South Africa) taken during the Second Boer War (1899-1902). The horsemen, who are all are all mounted and wearing the same uniform, appear to be members of one of the units of Boer regulars from the Transvaal, probably ...


Football teams coming onto the field

This is black-and-white silent footage from a late 1920s movie newsreel or documentary about a game of Australian football, showing players and officials coming back onto the field to resume play, possibly after half time.


Policewoman on a crossing - asset 2

This is a photograph taken in 1950 of a Sydney policewoman apparently on point duty stopping traffic. Behind her are a York Street double-decker bus and a tram.


Policeman photographing traffic offence, 1948

This is a black-and-white photograph taken on acetate film in 1948. It shows a traffic policeman on a motorbike photographing cars driving three abreast as they approach the top of Oliver's Hill on the Nepean Highway at Frankston, Victoria. A fourth car precedes them up the hill. On the left, the road has a wide gravel ...


Policeman photographing accident scene, 1948

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken on acetate film, of a traffic accident in Victoria in 1948. Two utilities are involved. One vehicle is stationary in the middle of the left lane, and the other vehicle is in front of it at a right angle. A motorcycle traffic policeman is taking a photograph of the skid marks, ...


'Equestrian portrait of Sergeant John Darby and another member of the Victorian Police Force'

This is an image of two uniformed men galloping down a road. The horses are at full extension with all hoofs clear of the road, necks arched, nostrils flaring and dust flying. The artist, William Strutt (1825-1915), has used his considerable skills as an illustrator to capture this moment for posterity. The two riders are ...


Memorial tablet for Carl Linger, c1865

This is a memorial tablet produced around 1865 by engraver Joshua Payne (c1810-99) in association with designer L J Pelham (working 1860s). It consists of an engraved steel plate set within a rectangular frame made of plain units of varnished timber. The frame has a triangular feature on top giving it the appearance of ...