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Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Measurement  >  Conversion of units
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Small scale measurements

What units of measurements do we use to describe incredibly small things like blood cells and atoms? Watch as you are taken on a journey to explain the different units of measurement that we use to describe the very small.

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Area of composite shapes

Finding the area of a rectangle is quite easy. But what if the shape you're working with is not a simple rectangle? What if it's a composite shape made up of two different-sized rectangles? See how to work out the area, and discover why you need to use the same units.

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Pointing out proportions of paint

You need to know what proportions of each colour to use if you want to mix paint consistently to the right shade. In this example, a shade of pink is made using red and white. See how to work out what fraction of the paint is white. First, though, make sure your units of measurement are the same.