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John le Carré: early influences

How do writers of spy novels find inspiration? Where do they learn about the people and places that feature in their books? Listen to acclaimed author John le Carré explain how he draws upon his childhood, family and his work with the British secret service to inspire and inform his novels.

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John le Carré: interrogation

In the world of espionage, interrogation is crucial. How do interviewers ensure that information obtained during interrogation is useful? How do they determine whether an interviewee is telling the truth? In this clip, author John le Carré explains some of the finer points of successful interrogation.


The Fairytale Police Department - Black day for Snow White, 2002: Nail biting, crime fighting ACTION!

This clip shows the visual sequences and theme song that begin each episode of the children's animation series 'The Fairytale Police Department'. It opens with scenes from various fairytales including 'The three little pigs' and 'Snow White', and the theme song's lyrics set the series in Fairytale Land, which is experiencing ...


The Fairytale Police Department - Black day for Snow White, 2002: What's so important about an apple?

This clip shows Fairytale Land detectives Chris Anderson and Johnny Legend, from the children's animated series 'The Fairytale Police Department', discussing the case of the missing poisoned apple, intended for Snow White. It begins with the Evil Queen briefing the duo on the apple's disappearance. Following this the chief ...


Goodbye Paradise, 1981: Paradise is youth

This clip shows Michael Stacey (Ray Barrett) buying a golliwog for his goddaughter, Kathy (Janet Scrivener), whom he then meets at an outdoor cafe. Young people are sitting at the surrounding tables and a Salvation Army band plays in the background. After Kathy leaves, the clip cuts to a shot of Stacey walking with his ...


Dirty Deeds, 2002: 'Nothing to lose'

This clip shows Barry Ryan (Bryan Brown) at Sydney airport, welcoming home his nephew Darcy (Sam Worthington), who has just returned from service in Vietnam. Barry introduces his crew, 'Hollywood' Riley (William McInnes) and Norm (Andrew S Gilbert), and says that he might have a job for Darcy. They drive away to the soundtrack ...


Two Hands, 1999: 'One wrong decision'

This clip shows Jimmy (Heath Ledger) at a beach anxiously waiting to deliver an important envelope. He is tempted by the ocean and the lure of a girl, so he buries the envelope and goes for a swim. A dramatic voice-over by the narrator warns that his decision will have disastrous consequences. When Jimmy surfaces he notices ...


'Jackson and Queen' by Edgar P LeStrange

'Jackson and Queen' by Edgar P LeStrange is a two-page short story in which the protagonist, Grant Ross, begins work as a temp in the city office of the company Jackson and Queen. In this playful take on genre fiction, the company of ultra-sexy women is a cover operation for a 'hive' that nourishes the 'Queen' of the title ...


Crime in Jane Austen's novels

How do we find out about the crime happening around us? Think about how crime is shown on TV and in novels. How does it compare with the way authors like Jane Austen wrote about crime in Georgian or Regency times? This broadcast is for those who are familiar with the works of Jane Austen.


Headlines Through History

How have big events in Australian history been reported in newspapers and magazines? Newspapers and magazines inform, manipulate, frustrate and entertain us. In them we can find the heroes and villains of the day, fact and opinion, and the aspirations of previous generations of Australians. Before the internet, newspapers ...