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Unloading milk cans on the river dock in 1933

This is silent footage from a 1933 documentary entitled 'The castle, Clarence River and Mount Ogilvie'. The footage shows a group of men unloading milk cans onto a dock on the Clarence River in New South Wales and placing them on a conveyor belt that is carrying the milk cans further up the river bank to a butter factory.

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Why do cows make milk?

Have you ever wondered why cows make milk? In this clip you will learn the answer to this question. You will also see how cows are milked in a large dairy. Join Bill, a dairy farmer, as he tends to his herd of dairy cows.

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From the dairy to the shop

Have you ever wondered about the steps involved in getting milk from a cow to you? This clip tells the story of milk, from the dairy farm to the supermarket. Discover where cream comes from and how milk is made safe to drink.

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Hand-milking cows

Discover how people milked cows before milking machines existed. Do you think you could milk a cow by hand? Watch this short clip to find out how it's done. Look at the special features (parts) of cows that store their milk and release it during milking.

Interactive Resource

Discover dairy: from farm to plate

This is a multilayered unit of work for teachers about dairy farming in Australia. There are ten main sections, listed under the heading 'From farm to plate'. The resource includes information, images and learning activities about dairy farms, dairy cows, milk processing, dairy foods and the history of dairy farming. There ...


Sealing milk bottles

This is a 1945 photograph of a semi-automatic machine sealing milk bottles with aluminium caps. A man is removing the capped bottles. Behind him are tracks, along which crates can be pushed. The man wears a short-sleeved, protective overall jacket over a collar and tie, and a hat.


'War work! Urgent! Priority!'

This is a black-and-white poster with an illustration of an attractive woman at work in a milk factory, and cans of condensed milk on a production line. The poster is titled 'War Work! Urgent! Priority!'. The text urges Australians to increase milk production to service the war effort. There is also a secondary message ...


Melbourne children drinking milk, 1969

This is a 1969 black-and-white photograph of a crowd of schoolchildren drinking milk from small milk bottles. The children were probably on an excursion to a Melbourne milk depot.


Milk Board float, Moomba Festival, 1959

This is a black-and-white photograph of a float making its way through a crowded Melbourne street during the Moomba Festival of 1959. The float is pulled by a truck and features a giant milk bottle, with the words, 'MILK, THE PERFECT FOOD', and the caption underneath, 'Entered by the MILK BOARD'. A cyclist is shown on the ...


Kurdish butter churn, c1920

This is an earthenware butter churn from Kurdistan, made in about 1920. The churn, which is orange-brown in colour, is a hollow biconical vessel with a wide body that tapers to narrower ends. There are raised bands on each end of the vessel. A short cylindrical form, which has dark kiln staining around its rim, is joined ...


Transporting cream on horseback at Dorrigo Plateau, c1911

This photographic negative shows two men on horseback transporting tins of cream. It was taken in the Dorrigo area of New South Wales by Kerry and Co between 1905 and 1917. The men and horses are on a dirt track surrounded by bushes, tall stands of trees and birdsnest ferns. The caption, studio number and studio mark are ...


'Founding a Dairy Farm', 1884-1917

This full plate glass negative entitled 'Founding a Dairy Farm' was takenby Sydney photographic studio Kerry and Co at some stage between 1884 and 1917. The silver gelatin dry plate glass negative in landscape format depicts cattle in a field which is in the process of being fenced. The caption, studio number and studio ...


Stan Greenhatch and two other shop assistants at Wright Brothers cheese shop, Prahran Market, 1929

This is a black-and-white photograph featuring Stan Greenhatch, aged 17, and unknown female shop assistants outside the Wright Brothers cheese shop at Prahran Market in 1929.

Interactive Resource

Dairy Australia: how do dairy cows make milk?

This is an animated resource showing the systems of organs and flows involved in the digestion and lactation of a dairy cow. A diagram of a cow is shown, with text underneath and animation to highlight the organs and illustrate the flows in the systems. The resource covers the cow's four stomachs; the steps in its digestion ...

Teacher resource

Discover dairy: managing a dairy farm - lesson plan

This is a multilayered lesson plan for teachers about the day-to-day running of a dairy farm. It focuses on the duties and management processes carried out on a dairy farm and includes a link to an animation about the milk cycle. It includes a lesson overview; alignment to the Australian Curriculum; teacher notes including ...


Choice: nutrition

This is a web page providing reviews of various food products and supplements in terms of nutrition, covering frozen yoghurt, supermarket diet foods and fast food including vegetarian fast food. It also looks at omega-3 supplements, probiotics, protein supplements and beneficial foods - blueberries, fish, ginger and chilli, ...


Choice: drinks

This is a web page providing reviews of beverages, the results of a taste test of different coffee products, a comparison between supermarket brand milks and branded products and an investigation of drink bottle recycling. It covers bottled water, milk, coffee capsules, smoothies and frappes, coconut water, milk alternatives ...

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Emma's dream job brings a change of scenery

Let Emma Visser tell you how she went from being a city girl in Year 9 to getting her dream job - being the operations manager of a dairy farm. While you're watching, examine the cohesive devices Emma uses to structure her Heywire story effectively. Could you write or record a similar story about yourself and/or your community? ...

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Keeping the fat cats out of the dairy

Writers construct representations of people and events to suit their purposes. Once we understand this, we can evaluate the validity of those representations and decide whether we agree with them or not. In her Heywire audio story, Chelsey Landford speaks of the hardships facing dairy farmers. Explore her representations ...

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Grandvewe - Cheese Farm - cheese also comes from sheep!! Tasmania

This is a video about farmer and cheesemaker Diane Rae and how she and her children established a sheep dairy agribusiness. It shows scenes of Grandvewe farm and cheesery as she speaks of how they learnt to be sheep farmers; researched dairy sheep overseas; and changed production systems as a result of experience. She tells ...