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Ninjas rocking and violin-infused rap at 'Hip hop kung fu'

This is a review of a 2011 dance performance titled 'Hip hop kung fu'. There is a short film clip of highlights from the performance and a longer video of the full performance. The review describes the successful dance components, the musical innovations and commends individual performances. The writer applauds the directors, ...

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Kentaro!! Contemporary Japanese dance

This is a review of a 2012 dance performance titled 'Kentaro!! brings contemporary Japanese dance and choreography to Mumbai'. Kentaro!! is a contemporary Japanese dancer. The review articulates the dancer's style as a combination of street and hip-hop with a mix of dance, mime and movement. The resource also includes a ...


'Jitterbugging in Negro juke joint', 1939

This is a black-and-white photograph showing African Americans at a roadside dance hall outside Clarksdale in Mississippi, USA, one Saturday evening in November 1939. Couples are jitterbugging to music from a jukebox while other people, mostly men, are standing around. The photograph was taken by Marion Post Wolcott.

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Rachel Cooper on Indonesia's Envelope-Pushing Dance Troupe

This is a web page featuring an interview with Rachel Cooper about Indonesian dance troupe Nan Jombang and their 2010 US showcase. The article is titled 'An interview with Rachel Cooper: Indonesia's envelope-pushing dance troupe' and includes a photograph and a nine-minute video of one of the performances. Cooper explains ...

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Bhangra music and dance

This is an online module consisting of teacher notes, three stimulus resources and student activities that explore the origins and elements of Bhangra music and dance, and its influence on global popular culture. The teacher notes provide background information about the origins of Bhangra music and dance, other forms of ...

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The Stomp, a 1960s dance craze

Imagine a dance so simple it could be learnt in minutes and so popular it became a craze. This clip from a Weekend Magazine program screened in 1963 looks at such a dance. It was called the Stomp and it was pounded out in surf clubs and council halls around Australia's coast. Watch and listen as teenagers express their ...

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Dancing identity

What do ancient rhythms and the locking and popping of hip- hop dance have in common? Choreographer Shaun Parker was inspired by both ancient and contemporary dance forms when he created 'AM I', a dance piece that explores what it means to be human in the 21st century. Explore how six dancers, a large screen, live musicians ...

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A fusion of art forms in contemporary dance

In what ways is contemporary dance different to other dance forms? In this interview from 2009, Gideon Orbarzanek, the former Artistic Director of dance company Chunky Move, discusses some of the elements of the very successful work 'Mortal Engine'.

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Let the rhythm set you free

'Strictly Ballroom' is both a successful film and a popular musical. Both productions feature lots of fabulous dancing. As you watch this rehearsal for the musical, see if you can clap or tap along with the rhythm kept by the dancers. You can even try dancing along if you wish.


Every dance tells a story

This online library provides teachers with links to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance performers, organisations, festivals and programs.


Road building, Canberra, 1927

This is a black-and-white photograph taken looking south along Mort Street, Braddon, a suburb of Canberra, in 1927. The surface of the road is being 'macadamised'. In the centre of the photo, steam can be seen rising from a steam roller, and in the background behind it can be seen the Civic Centre. On the left-hand side ...


Haka and Poi Championships, 1928

This is a black-and-white photograph taken by Leslie Adkin in New Zealand on 21 February 1928. It shows two wood-and- metal shields that were used as trophies in the 1928 Haka and Poi Championships. The shields display six Mäori tiki figures that connect the ribbon-like adornments. The negative of this image measures 5 cm by 7 cm.


Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky, 2001: Ballet outdoors

This clip shows part of a re-enactment of 'L'Après-midi d'un Faune' ('The Afternoon of a Faun'), a dance performance originally choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky. The young faun meets six nymphs in the forest, who are at once attracted to and frightened by him. One drops a scarf, which the Faun finds and makes love to in ...


'Pacifica: Tales from the South Seas' - episode 1, 1993

These are two clips of television documentary footage describing the effect that the arrival of missionaries had upon traditional ways of living on Cook Island. It also includes a story about the survival of fishermen on a boat from Kiribati that was lost at sea but after three months, safely returned home. The clips come ...

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Word phrases

This is a multilayered resource that focuses on how to learn and create percussion rhythms based on samba, using word phrases to create and recall rhythms. It includes three short video tutorials in which musician Chris Lewis demonstrates various rhythm techniques, and is supported by three learning activities and by teacher ...

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Twelve canoes: ceremony

This is a rich resource about the ceremonial activities of the Yolngu people of north-east Arnhem Land. Its centrepiece is a short film showing men and women engaged in ceremony, narrated by a Yolngu storyteller who describes how some ceremonies are open to all but others are restricted, and explains the purposes of various ...

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Balinese boar Barong dance performance

This resource is a video featuring a live performance of a traditional Balinese dance, a Calonarang, which is a dance ritual for the purpose of chasing away evil and purifying villages. The main focal point of the dance is the Barong, a protective diety of the Balinese culture. Barong can take on a variety of forms, and ...

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Balinese costumes

This is a video showing a traditional Balinese dancer performing the dance of the Condong or Divine Nymph. The sole dancer is accompianied by traditional music, and is filmed on a hand-held camera using a single shot in real time. There is a simple written description of the dance to support the video, which emphasises ...


Chinese New Year

This is an online module consisting of teacher notes, three stimulus resources and student activities that explore Chinese New Year. The teacher notes provide background information about Chinese New Year activities in the People's Republic of China and around the world, additional online resources and pedagogical advice. ...

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Asia-pop music

This is an online module consisting of teacher notes, three stimulus resources and student activities that explore the origins and elements of pop music in China, South Korea and Japan; and its influence on global popular culture. The teacher notes provide additional online resources and pedagogical advice. The stimulus ...