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Storing data in a 'cloud'

Explore how you can access all of your personal files from any electronic device, anytime. See how cloud computing makes it no longer necessary to have separate copies of your photos, music and documents on every device you use. Watch this clip to find out more about cloud technology and the future of data storage and retrieval.


Hot box storage for CSIRAC's memory delay lines, 1954-64

This is a temperature-controlled box, known as the 'hot box', used for housing CSIRAC's main memory delay lines. CSIRAC or 'Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Automatic Computer' was Australia's first digital computer. It was one of the world's first electronic digital stored program computers. It is the last ...


Digital Technologies Hub

The Digital Technologies Hub is a website that supports Australian primary teachers, secondary teachers, students, school leaders and school communities in engaging with the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. The hub provides scaffolded support for teachers and many of the resources will assist those getting started ...