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'Untitled' ('Poem for a journey') by Anna Dunnill

'Untitled' ('Poem for a journey') by Anna Dunnill evokes the speaker's state of grief and indecision and then imagines the slow and painful movement towards healing and renewal. The poem is laid out as a single column, surrounded by clean white swirling lines growing up against a black background.


Ned Kelly death mask, 1880

This is a plaster death mask of the head of bushranger Ned Kelly, including the neck and partial right shoulder, made by Maximilian Kreitmayer on 11 November 1880. The eyes and mouth are closed, the eyebrows are clearly visible and what appears to be a rope burn from the hanging is seen across the lower right cheek. The ...


Death of 14-year-old Private James Martin, 1915

This is a typewritten letter sent to Mrs Amelia Martin giving details of the death of her only son, Private James Charles 'Jim' Martin at Gallipoli. Standard form details are printed in the purple of a carbon copy, while the details of the death of Private Martin are typed in black. The letter, sent by Captain J M Lean, ...


Human cost of war

This collection of digital curriculum resources about the human cost of war is organised into five categories - death; civilian and combatant casualties; separation and displacement; prisoners of war; and internment. The conflicts include world wars and civil wars and encompass the 20th and 21st centuries. The collection ...


The death of Captain Cook

This is a hand-coloured engraving of Captain James Cook's death in February 1779. It was created by John Webber (1751-93) in 1785. It depicts a crowded battle scene at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, with palm trees and mountains in the background. Cook has fallen to the beach and is firing on his attackers while a Hawaiian warrior ...


Letter of condolence from John Curtin to Mr Joyce, 1944

This is a typed copy of a letter of condolence from Prime Minister John Curtin to Mr Joyce on the death of Mr Joyce's son, 16 March 1944.


Human skeleton lying in scrub, c1900-10

This is a black-and-white photograph, measuring 12.7 cm x 10.2 cm, of the badly decomposed, skeletal remains of a man lying under a low tree in light scrub-covered land, typical of that of the eastern gold fields. His heavy work trousers still cover his legs. His boots lie near his feet. On the ground on the right of the ...


C Y O'Connor's suicide note, 1902

This is a note written by Charles Yelverton O'Connor, Engineer-in-Chief of Western Australia with overall responsibility for the Coolgardie Water Scheme. It was presented as evidence at the inquest into his death in 1902. The note is handwritten and contains some deletions and a postscript.


Rites of Passage, 1994: Teen smoking

This clip shows two teenagers together, then cuts to an interview with the young man in which he discusses his reasons for smoking and how it affects his parents. Teenagers are then shown smoking outdoors and blowing smoke into the camera while addressing comments through the camera to their parents. A young woman sitting ...


Mademoiselle and the Doctor, 2004: 'My final statement'

This clip shows Lisette Nigot, a healthy 79-year-old, writing her final statement that details why she is choosing to end her life by what she terms voluntary euthanasia. The clip opens with a view from the windscreen of a car being driven along an inner-city road by Dr Philip Nitschke. While driving through a long tunnel, ...


Losing Layla, 2001: Grief is uncharted territory

This clip shows Vanessa Gorman and her partner, Michael, walking along a street and inside a bank before cutting to Vanessa describing her grief after the death of their newborn baby, Layla. Vanessa describes the grief as a roller-coaster in a piece to camera that is followed by footage of a roller-coaster. Vanessa is then ...


Compass - Broken Open, 2005: A very public breakdown

This clip shows sports reporter Craig Hamilton recounting the psychotic episode he experienced while at a train station on his way to cover the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Hamilton is shown speaking to an old friend, Chris Williams, about his breakdown and recalling the progression of his state of mind from euphoria to aggression. ...


Business behind Bars, 2000: Prison listener scheme

This clip shows Harry Papadopoulos, a prisoner in Port Phillip Prison, discussing the prison listener scheme and the reasons for its success. He explains that it allows prisoners to befriend and listen to other prisoners who feel vulnerable or suicidal or are worrying about personal problems such as upcoming court cases, ...


Body Work, 1988: Death at first sight

This clip shows people who work in the funeral industry talking about the first time they saw a dead body in the course of their work. The speakers mainly come from the funeral industry, but also include two pathologists and a police officer. All the speakers, who are interviewed in their respective workplaces, talk in ...


Body Work, 1988: Cremation

This clip shows two crematorium technicians describing the process of cremation and detailing what happens to the body during the procedure. The clip opens with a shot of a casket being slid into a cremation furnace and then cuts between the technicians, each of whom is filmed standing in front of a furnace. The clunking ...


Bliss, 1985: Bliss, punishment, heaven and hell

This clip shows Harry Joy (Barry Otto) at lunch with family and friends as a voice-over describes his seemingly perfect life and then what appears to be his sudden death. Harry steps outdoors, the screen fades to black, the camera moves upwards and the viewer looks down on his prostrate body. Harry's shocked family gathers ...


Bondi Rescue, 2007: The aftermath

This clip shows lifeguards at Sydney's famous Bondi Beach discussing their reactions after a man drowns at the beach. Scenes of the lifeguards coming off duty after the drowning are interspersed with interviews with three lifeguards. Blake McKeown, a young trainee, speaks of the personal impact of the tragedy; Andrew Reid ...


Lynley Huguenin describes being a Bali bombing victim, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of Melbourne woman Lynley Huguenin, who received serious burns in one of the two terrorist bombings on the Indonesian island of Bali on 12 October 2002, describing the explosion that set her clothes on fire and the confusion that followed. She also tells of a long series of medical treatments, ...