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Moving Image

Farmers' market: by locals, for locals

What are food miles, and how can a farmers' market support sustainable farming and supply a community with fresh food? To find out, view this clip called 'To market, to market', created by young reporters from Willunga Primary School, South Australia. The clip was developed as part of the ABC Splash Live 'Making the news!' ...


A second hand - mathematics activities

The photograph depicts a humorous approach to advertising a 'second-hand' store. It suggests a range of comparisons from the various patterns detectable here. The photograph has the potential to be considered as a 'self-replicating' process that provides a lead-in to so-called 'L systems', and to the concepts of fractals ...


ISYS search software

This is a coloured diagram that illustrates the ISYS Desktop Spider software, originally developed in 1988 by Ian Davies. A purple icon in the centre is labelled 'Your Information Base'. At left are three icons representing, respectively, the 'Corporate Partner's Web Site', the 'Major Supplier's Site' and the 'Important ...

Teacher resource

Water: learn it for life! - year 7 science

This PDF unit of work is one of a series of resources accessible by searching the list in the series.It includes two teaching and learning sequences: 'Water journeys' focuses on the water cycle, and 'Pure water' focuses on the processes and people involved in creating and managing drinkable water. It provides Australian ...

Teacher resource

GeogSpace: year F - exemplar

This is a web page consisting of an overview and two illustrations of practice on the GeogSpace website, a resource for teachers. Both illustrations are hands-on activities involving individuals and groups in structured play. Illustration 1 supports the creation of models of familiar places. Photographs are provided to ...

Teacher resource

A collaborative learning space

The teacher of the year 1 class has a highly developed understanding of how to plan and implement effective teaching and learning using ICT. At the beginning of the lesson, she uses a series of concepts maps on an interactive whiteboard to identify with her students the activities and resources that each will use to complete ...

Interactive Resource

Mindomo: mind mapping

This is an iPad app that creates mindmaps, turns them into presentations, allows the user to share them with others, and exports them as images or PDFs. Maps can be made as 'cloud maps' from an online account or as 'local maps' located on the user's own device. There are multiple map layouts available and maps can be customised ...

Interactive Resource

Popplet lite

This is an iPad app that creates mindmaps, displaying and connecting them visually in 'popples' (individual idea and content balloons) on a simple interface known as a 'popplet'. Popplets and popples can be displayed with different background and outline colours. Popplet lite allows the user to insert text and make drawings ...

Moving Image

Guide dog puppy in training

Meet Ella and the puppy she is helping to train as a guide dog. Find out what it takes to teach Dusty what he needs to know for a very important job.

Moving Image

Introducing Agriculture - from the paddock/ocean to the plate

This is a video about where food comes from and how it is produced. The video is presented by Amy and uses cut out animation and a spoken commentary with numerous puns and riddles to introduce and explain the concept and purpose of agriculture. Amy then details the steps in producing milk and honey. The video lasts for ...

Teacher resource

From Paddock to Plate

Discover where our food comes from and how it gets to our table. Explore farming practices and the processes involved in producing familiar food products. Use video clips to investigate the biological needs of food crops and farm animals. Explore the diversity of foods that may be produced from a range of agricultural produce.


Flow Chart

This resource is a web page containing a sample flow chart. The flow chart shows multiple pathways depending on the answer to questions identified as a decision (diamond shape). A printable resource is also available to support the task. This resource is an activity from the NRICH website.

Interactive resource

Wiring: the simple circuit

Add components to complete simple electrical circuits. Relate circuit diagrams to actual circuits. Explore the effect of batteries and switches on current and brightness of bulbs. See how circuits can be modelled by water flow. This learning object is one in a series of three objects.

Interactive resource

Rainforest: book a flight

Travel to a national park in Victoria. Practise using 24-hour time. Select departure and arrival locations on a map of Australia and New Zealand. Use a timetable to book the most suitable flight. As you go, look up the meaning of tricky words. This learning object is the third in a series of nine objects. Eight objects ...

Interactive resource

Rainforest: explore the rainforest

Watch a simulated rainforest appear and grow. Explore the three layers of a rainforest: canopy; understorey; and forest floor. Find the hidden animals. Match labels to the rainforest layers. As you go, look up the meaning of tricky words. This learning object is the fourth in a series of nine objects. Eight objects in the ...

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Rainforest: make a walking track

Mark the route for a walking track on a map of a rainforest. Choose a section of track based on instructions about distances, compass directions and grid references. Keep adding sections of track to get to the rest house. As you go, look up the meaning of tricky words.

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Responsible fishing in Western Australia: write an article

Go fishing in Western Australia. Look at how and why laws restrict people from taking certain fish. Identify cases where laws apply: size limits, bag limits and closed seasons. Build a magazine article explaining the fishing laws. Use a model structure and persuasive text to support a responsible position. For example, ...

Interactive resource

Robots: make a catalogue

Explore facts about a robot designed to enter dangerous situations. Choose parts to build a companion robot and an underwater robot. Use a model text structure and images to build explanations about the features of each robot. Choose titles, words and images that suit your audience and support your message. For example, ...

Interactive resource

My day: Li: level 3

Help Li by selecting the best texts for different parts of his day. Choose the correct text in a range of activities such as helping Li make up his mind about which food is healthy for breakfast, and what to pack in his school bag. This learning object is one in a series of six objects.

Interactive resource

My day: Jeneka: level 3

Help Jeneka by selecting the best texts for different parts of her day. Choose the correct text in a range of activities such as helping Jeneka get to school, and completing a project about Vincent Lingiari. This learning object is one in a series of six objects.