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First World War diary - Driver Claude Ewart, 18 Nov 1915 - 14 Dec 1915

This is the maroon-covered diary kept by Driver C H Ewart, 10th Battery, 4th FAB (Field Artillery Brigade), AIF (Australian Imperial Force), from 18 November to 14 December 1915. The diary is recorded in two notebooks, of which this is the first. It is part of the Military Memorabilia Collection at Museum Victoria. The ...


Mrs Pexton's diary on board the convict transport Pilot, 1816

Mrs Pexton travelled on board the convict transport ship Pilot. As the captain's wife, her diary provides an insightful account of the seven-month journey from Ireland to Sydney and back to England from an unusual perspective. It includes substantial anecdotal accounts of life on the ship, aspects of the voyage and the ...


National treasures, 2004: Endeavour journal

'Endeavour journal' is an episode of the series 'National treasures', produced in 2004. In the episode Warren Brown examines the 743-page journal that James Cook wrote on board the Endeavour during his voyage to Australia in 1770. Brown highlights an entry in which Cook had named a section of water 'Stingray's Harbour' ...


Writing a scientist's journal

Imagine you are a scientist who discovered a prehistoric animal in one of Australia's harshest environments. This is what happened to Dr Nick Murphy, an evolutionary biologist from La Trobe University. He was very excited to discover several new species of crustaceans living in desert springs near Lake Eyre. Learn about ...

Assessment resource

Party time: assessment

Assess your ability to fulfil a shopping list for a class party, with a view to budgeting. Buy enough lemonade, cupcakes and party hats for 32 people at the cheapest price, given minimum requirements. Calculate the cheapest unit price for the three items and the quantity of each required, considering the special discounts ...

Interactive resource

Biography: Federation people: Thomas Playford

Investigate Thomas Playford's role in the move towards Federation. Examine two different types of biographies of Playford: one short and the other more detailed. Inspect examples of how he was visually depicted in his time. This learning object is one in a series of objects in the 'Biography: Federation people' series.

Interactive resource

Biography: Federation people: Josiah Symon

Investigate prominent lawyer Josiah Symon's role in Federation. Examine two different types of biographies of Symon: one short and the other more detailed. Inspect examples of how he was visually depicted in his time. This learning object is one in a series of objects in the 'Biography: Federation people' series.

Teacher resource

Whole-school approach to using ICT - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea features video footage of the e-learning coordinator and coach at a large government secondary school of 1600 students discussing the challenges of his role.


Köwhai herbarium sheet

This is a herbarium sheet of köwhai ('Sophora tetraptera') collected by botanists Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander in New Zealand in 1769 as they accompanied Captain James Cook on his first voyage to New Zealand aboard the 'Endeavour'. The sheet holds dried köwhai flowers, seeds and foliage, and has a variety of identifying marks.


Bob Hawke at a Canberra 'dismissal' rally, 1975 - asset 2

This is a black-and-white photograph of Bob Hawke, then President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and National President of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), speaking at a rally to protest the dismissal of the Whitlam government by the Governor-General, Sir John Kerr.


Picking Geraldton waxflowers in 1929

This is an excerpt from a 6-minute silent documentary entitled 'The new nor' west', filmed in 1929. The excerpt shows women picking Geraldton waxflowers. The intertitle reads 'An exotic growth of native flora - the famous Geraldton Wax-flower'.


Gallipoli diary, 1915

This is a double page from the diary of Captain Edward Perry Cox of the Wellington Infantry Battalion. The pages were written on 24 and 25 April 1915 on approach to Gallipoli during the First World War. The diary, which continued until 5 August 1915, comprises 204 loose pages, each 20.3 cm x 11 cm, and written in carbon ...


'Waratah (Telopea speciosissima)'

This is a spectacular watercolour study of the Australian native plant, the waratah ('Telopea speciosissima'), in full bloom. Painted in about 1820 by the convict artist Joseph Lycett (1774-1828), it measures 26.5 cm x 19.5 cm.


'Poinsettias', 1931

This is an oil painting made in 1931 by Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984). It is a still life of a branch of poinsettia bracts in a vase, and measures 73.7 cm x 59.7 cm. The orange-red bracts, which curve from the left to the top right of the image, are set against a background of green-grey drapery.


Campaign speech by John Curtin, 1937

This is a 1937 federal election campaign speech by John Curtin, then Leader of the Opposition in the Australian Parliament. Curtin sets out his vision for Australia under a Labor government, promising a government that will tackle the 'twin evils' of poverty and war. The speech lasts about ten minutes.


Waterlilies in Kakadu National Park, 1989

This is a colour photograph of a lake filled with waterlilies with paperbark trees in the background. It was taken in 1989 in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, during the shoot of the documentary 'Kakadu Man’.


The Dismissal, 1983: Fraser has the numbers

This clip, from the television miniseries 'The Dismissal', shows the then Liberal Opposition leader, Malcolm Fraser, played by John Stanton, being interviewed on television in 1975 by Stuart Littlemore, playing himself. Littlemore asks Fraser a number of questions related to his political intentions. In a cutaway to The ...


The Food Lovers' Guide to Australia, 2004: Not your usual Chinese restaurant

This clip shows a close-up of a lotus flower with the voice of presenter Joanna Savill explaining that it is a symbol of purity and fertility. Lotus farmer Jackson So and restaurateur Chang Soo are then shown knee-deep in mud collecting lotus root from their lotus plantation in Ballina, New South Wales. Savill explains ...


Rites of Passage, 1994: Teen smoking

This clip shows two teenagers together, then cuts to an interview with the young man in which he discusses his reasons for smoking and how it affects his parents. Teenagers are then shown smoking outdoors and blowing smoke into the camera while addressing comments through the camera to their parents. A young woman sitting ...


Elapsed Time Test Studies, c1955: Dancing flowers

This clip shows time-lapse footage of flowers such as roses and native irises of various colours and records the process by which the plants form buds, then flower and finally die. The clip is silent.