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Moving Image

Preserving Aboriginal languages

Explore some of the challenges facing many Aboriginal languages and how one man is trying to preserve these 'ancient words'. Consider, too, why languages are important.

Interactive resource

Zou ba! School: stationery

Find out how to ask someone if you may borrow something such as a pen, calculator or mobile phone. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.

Teacher resource

Visual dictionary

This is a resource titled 'Visual dictionary' that develops students' higher order thinking skills through the visual representation and interpretation of words. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements, students create and add an image to a class visual and audio dictionary. The resource contains links to a 7-step lesson plan that ...

Interactive Resource

World history I glossary

This iPad app is a glossary of hundreds of world history terms, including names, locations, time periods and concepts. It allows users to search by keyword, alphabetical order or specific historical time period. When a term is selected, the app provides a definition and key details about the term. It also identifies the ...