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Cobb and Co mail and passenger coach, 1890s

This is an Australian horsedrawn Cobb and Co mail and passenger coach made in 1890 by Cobb and Co Coach and Buggy Factory in Charleville, Queensland. The body of the coach is wooden with no glass in the doors or windows. One half of the coach has been restored and repainted in the New South Wales Cobb and Co livery of red ...


Royal Mail coach, c1880

This is a horse-drawn Royal Mail stage coach with seating for the driver and up to 17 passengers. It has the words 'COBB & Co.' and 'ROYAL MAIL' painted on the lower side body panels and the words 'MELBOURNE-BENDIGO' along the top rail above the doors. The coach has an Australian pattern and 'thorough-brace' suspension. ...


Kelly family outside their general store and post office, Mentone, 1899

This is a sepia photograph featuring the Kelly family in 1889 standing by the verandah of Kelly's General Store and Mentone Post Office, which was located opposite Mentone railway station in Como Parade West.


Personal letter from W C Wentworth to his father, 1805

This personal letter was written by William Charles Wentworth from London on 14 July 1805 to his father, D'Arcy Wentworth, who was then a surgeon on Norfolk Island. It comprises cream-coloured textured paper with faded ink handwriting on both sides. It is addressed to 'Mr Wentworth, Norfolk Island, New South Wales' and ...


Bleriot XI monoplane, 1914

This is a wood, canvas and metal monoplane designed by Louis Bleriot (1872-1936). It is a shoulder-wing, single-seat aircraft and features a body of simple box-girder construction with diagonal wire-bracing and a bamboo tail skid. The wings are also simple with centre kingposts above and below for the bracing and warp wires. ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: Indonesian section 18: writing letters

This set of four interactive activities from the Languages online resource introduces students to the words, culturally appropriate expressions and structures required to address envelopes correctly and write simple letters, including letters to penpals. Also included is practice in identifying the postal address of letters ...

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Algae farming: producing biofuel from algae

Did you know it's possible to make fuel from algae? Watch this clip to find out why the Pilbara region in Western Australia is considered an ideal location for an algae biofuel production plant. Discover what is required to make it a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels.

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Fast trains

A proposed fast train route between Sydney and Canberra could cut down rail travel times from nearly five hours to one. The project is costly and won't be available for about 20 years. Will the economic, social and environmental benefits of such a project be worth the costs?

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Australians as global citizens

How is Australia connected globally? Watch as presenter Jeremy Fernandez uses a range of data sources to describe Australia's position in the world. From the economy to immigration, this clip shows some of the ways Australia currently connects with the world.

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Exporting uranium and threats to the Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is facing many threats, and a new uranium mine in Queensland might add to the pressure. This clip from early in 2013 looks at what uranium exports from a proposed uranium port in Townsville could mean for the Reef. It presents views about the management of pressures placed on this World Heritage Site ...

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Poor man's crop, rich man's food

Cashews are expensive to buy, but Indonesian cashew farmers don't get paid a high price for them. So who gets the profits? Trace the journey of cashews from farm to market with some farmers from Flores who grow them. Find out about a program aimed at addressing the profit issue, and see its impact on the wellbeing of farmers ...

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Yarning with the Russians

A Russian trade delegation is visiting Australia in search of high quality wool. This is to meet an increasing demand for fine wool products that is being driven by rising affluence in Russia. We once had a strong wool trade with the Soviet Union. Can we build trade with Russia?

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So much space and freedom for a special postie

Gaye Nichols has a very cool job. She delivers mail to people living in a remote region of western New South Wales. Join Gaye as she travels from Wilcannia to Ivanhoe and find out why she is one of the most important people in the Central Darling Shire.

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Hair by choice

Is it unusual to find businesses offering similar goods or services next to each other? Well here's an example in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, where four hairdressers have done exactly that. See what sets them apart. Find out why these businesses are succeeding.

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Farm gates open to Tassie tourists

A new approach to marketing food involves opening the farm gate to tourists, allowing people to sample produce straight from the source! See how food tourism is gaining momentum in Tasmania.


Australia Post - The Last of the TPOs, 1956: History of the TPO service

This clip shows some of the history of Travelling Post Offices (TPOs), which were mobile post offices on trains. It opens with colour footage of manual mail sorting in a conventional mail centre in the 1980s. Historical photographs are then shown, accompanied by a voice-over explaining that the mid-19th-century demand for ...


Commonwealth, One People, One Empire, One Destiny postcard, 1901

This is a postcard. One side is printed with the Federation crest with pictures of Queen Victoria, Edmund Barton and Lord Hopetoun, and the message: 'Commonwealth / One People / One Empire / One Destiny'. The other side has a banner containing 'POST CARD' with a decorative scroll carrying the words 'THE ADDRESS ONLY TO ...

Teacher resource

Rise and fall of the Canton trade system II: Macau and Whampoa anchorage, 1700-1860s

This is a collection of online materials about how Western ships engaged in the China trade travelled through the Pearl (Zhujiang) River delta from the Portuguese settlement of Macau to Whampoa. The vehicle for this collection is part II of a three-part illustrated essay about the rise and fall of the 'Canton trade system'. ...


The Mongols in world history

This rich online resource is about the Mongol empire viewed in the context of the beginnings of world history. It provides a comprehensive set of materials about the Mongol culture and its history during the period from the birth of Temujin - later Chinggis (Genghis) Khan - in about 1162 to the end of the empire in 1368. ...


The Mongols' mark on global history

This resource, a component of the online resource The Mongols in world history, focuses on the contribution of the Mongol empire during the 13th and 14th centuries to world history. It examines the stereotype of the Mongol empire as being peopled by barbarians and juxtaposes it with the contributions of the Mongol empire. ...