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First Australians, episode 4: No other law, 2008

This resource contains three clips from the television series First Australians. This clips describe aspects of the history and life of the Arrernte people of central Australia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The first clip focuses on the Altyerra (Dreaming); the second on the recorded memories of Arrernte man ...


'Life at the Top: A Week with Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser', 1977

These are two clips of television documentary footage showing some typical activities of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser during one week in 1977. The first clip shows Malcolm Fraser at home after a 14-hour day socialising with his family. The second clip presents the prime minister eating lunch with steel workers in Wollongong, ...


Chris Gresham-Britt talks about being a Christian

This clip is about how being a born-again Christian fulfils musician Chris Gresham-Britt's search for spiritual meaning. He describes how Christianity was seen as 'a thing of the past' as he grew up. His parents confirm that they have no need for connection with a church. Gresham-Britt explains that becoming a Christian ...


Current affairs

'Four Corners' is an excerpt from the TV current affairs program 'Four Corners 40th Anniversary' episode produced in 2004. 'Four Corners' is produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and this excerpt is used with the permission of ABC Content Sales. This video clip is included in the website From Wireless to Web ...

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The Gough Whitlam saga

How do you make an entertaining documentary about a politician? Gough Whitlam was Labor prime minister from 1972-75 and has the distinction of being the only prime minister dismissed by the governor general. In this clip from a 2013 ABC 'News breakfast' program, filmmaker Paul Clarke discusses his interest in making a documentary ...

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Rock 'n' roll and Gough Whitlam

How does a rock 'n' roll filmmaker tell the story of one of Australia's most controversial prime ministers? Listen as filmmaker Paul Clarke distinguishes himself from 'serious and worthy' documentary makers in his program about former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. This is the second clip in a series of two.

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Choosing the location for a video interview

How do you decide what's a good location for a video interview? Catherine Marciniak and Benj Binks from ABC Open have some useful information to help you make your choice. This clip is one of eight on making a mini-documentary.

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The shots tell the story in a video interview

You don't want your video interview to be just a 'talking head'. What shots can you take to make your story more interesting? Benj Binks from ABC Open has some ideas on what you might do and how to do it. This clip is one of eight on making a mini-documentary.

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Setting up equipment for a video interview

Camera and microphone. That may be all the equipment that you need for a video interview but Catherine Marciniak and Benj Binksfrom ABC Open will show you that there is a little bit more involved in setting these up. This clip is one of eight on making a mini-documentary.

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Interviewing tips for a video interview

You've got your questions, your equipment, your location and your interviewees. How do you do the interview? Catherine Marciniak and Benj Binks from ABC Open have some practical advice for you. This clip is one of eight on making a mini-documentary.

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Basic equipment for filming a video documentary

What basic equipment do you need to film a short video documentary? Catherine Marciniak and Benj Binks from ABC Open show you some useful cameras and other equipment, and give you some handy tips on how to use them. This is one of eight clips on making a mini-documentary.

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Scripting and storyboarding a video interview

How do you decide on the questions for a video interview? What about how it's going to be filmed? Catherine Marciniak and Benj Binks from ABC Open provide some great tips on scripting and storyboarding a video interview. This is one of eight clips on making a mini-documentary.


Silver Brumby - Friends of the High Country, 1996: Beware

This animated clip shows gang-gang cockatoos screaming 'Beware! Beware!', alerting a mob of grazing brumbies that mountain men are on their way to catch them. The oldest horse and leader, Arrow, sneers at his younger brother Thowra for taking the warning seriously. Two riders then gallop towards the mob, which splits up, ...

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I am at the beach: excerpts from Tim Winton's 'The Land's Edge'

The resource is a video of people reminiscing about their pleasurable experiences of going to the beach. The beach is a common theme in the life experience and stories of Australian writer Tim Winton (b1960). The video introduces numerous text excerpts from Winton's story 'The Land's Edge'. There is also a transcript of ...

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When I grow up I want to be an astronaut: an interview with Andrew Thomas

The resource is a video montage of still photography and animation with an audio interview with Andrew (Andy) Thomas about his inspiration and personal journey to become an astronaut. There is also a transcript of the audio and the production credits. Andy Thomas is Australia's first astronaut, successfully applying to ...

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This website introduces documentary filmmaking to aspiring filmmakers, predominantly through animated and narrated clips. The navigation menu on the left-hand side of the site provides links to: style and genre (with eight styles covered, including sample clips from documentaries), documentary elements (camera, soundtrack, ...

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Civic documentaries

This downloadable pdf resource is part of the Adobe Digital School Collection resources. The pdf is a lesson plan that takes students through the process of using Adobe Elements to create a documentary. The lesson includes: playing some sample documentaries, students working in groups to research an issue of their choice ...

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Shocko doco

This is a resource that focuses on video interviewing. It includes a video of interviewer Luke Jacka demonstrating common mistakes that can be made when conducting interviews in the studio and on location; three activity sheets; a call sheet template; a pre-production checklist; teacher notes with suggestions for extension ...

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Paul Kelly: stories of me

This is an integrated set of resources to support teaching and learning about a contemporary text dealing with popular culture, the documentary film 'Paul Kelly - Stories of Me'. The resource set includes an introductory video clip; a 71-page senior secondary resource entitled 'Paul Kelly: Portrait of an artist - a national ...


'Kokoda front line!', 1943

This is a black-and-white on-screen text announcement that the Cinesound review production 'Kokoda front line!' had won an Academy Award. It was shown as part of a Cinesound newsreel released to cinemas on 12 March 1943. The announcement, accompanied by music soundtrack, gives credit to Damien Parer for his splendid photography ...