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Preschoolers having a nap, 1946

This is a 1946 photograph of preschoolers at Canberra's Acton Nursery School having an afternoon nap. The students, all boys, are lying on heavy wooden camp stretchers, laid out in rows in the classroom. The classroom is quite barren, with a plain wooden floor. There are shelves lining the walls, but they contain very little.


Children playing at immigration centre

This is a photograph, taken in 1952, of immigrant children taking part in manipulative play at the preschool play centre in the Scheyville Immigration Centre. Neatly groomed European children sit around a table, playing with cut-out games in a rather bare room.


Children painting at immigration centre

This is a photograph of immigrant children painting outside the preschool play centre at the Scheyville Immigration Centre near Windsor, north-west of Sydney, in 1960. Three young girls and a boy are painting at easels on a lawn outside the converted Nissan hut that housed the play centre. A smiling woman is supervising them.