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Responding to parent reports about bullying workshops

The Bullying. No Way! Responding to parent reports about bullying workshop package for staff and teachers was developed for Australian schools by the Australian Safe and Supportive School Communities Working Group in consultation with Queensland psychologist Dr Karyn Healy. It is based on a materials presented at the National ...


Young people and asthma: support

This clip shows six young people with asthma discussing the importance of those closest to them. They explain how friends and family help observe their asthma symptoms, remind them to take medication and help them when they are unwell. The students also discuss the value of the broader support network that includes teachers, ...


May O'Brien reflects on becoming an activist, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of an interview with Western Australian Aboriginal educator and author May O'Brien. She recalls beginning secondary school in Perth in 1949 when she was aged 17, and how she went on to become a teacher. She also relates how she campaigned to improve education for all Indigenous children ...

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National Safe Schools Framework: leadership commitment to a safe school

This is a web resource supporting effective leadership for building a safe school environment. It describes ten key characteristics of leadership commitment to a safe school and includes a school audit tool for assessing the extent to which schools have created and maintained a safe and supportive learning environment. ...

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Community garden volunteers

The teachers describe the implications of complying with relevant administrative, organisational and legislative requirements, policies and processes. They address issues ranging from the sun safe policy to police checks and mandatory reporting and the development of school and system appropriate volunteer policies. 

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A whole-school approach in literacy and numeracy

This teacher resource describes the successful whole-school strategies implemented by 147 New South Wales schools to improve the literacy and numeracy of students, particularly those not achieving national minimum standards. Organised in nine sections: Summary; Target student group; Method; Results; Next steps; Lessons ...

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Leading Literacy: Professional Learning

This teacher resource describes the Leading Literacy: Professional Learning course provided by the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to principals and school leaders. The course helped them to develop deep understandings about how student literacy can be improved. There are nine sections ...

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Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum

This Curriculum aims to support schools and teachers in the promotion of safety for all students. It includes lessons about personal safety and awareness, cyber-safety and telephone safety. The Curriculum is structured sequentially and developmentally across three phases of learning: Prep - Year 2, Years 3 - 6, and Years ...


Girls playing hopscotch at school in 1925

This is a black-and-white photograph of three girls playing a game of hopscotch at Telopea Park School in Canberra in 1925. In the background are three teachers and a large number of children sitting on bench seats around tables, and school buildings.


Taylor sisters and Beverley Lloyd riding their bikes to school, Noble Park, 1958-59

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Denise Taylor with her sisters Lorraine and Lynette and their friend Beverley Lloyd standing with their bicycles. The girls are wearing school uniform consisting of a dress and blazer. Each bicycle has a basket in the front to hold school bags. The image is a digital scan of ...


Electrical engineering class at Brunswick Technical School, 1934

This is a black-and-white photograph featuring an electrical engineering class working with electrical circuits at Brunswick Technical School in Melbourne in 1934.


'Working together to save water' booklet, 2003

This illustrated 18-page booklet promotes water conservation. It was published in October 2003 by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment. On the blue-and-white cover, the title of the booklet, 'Working together to save water', is set against a background design of water rippling. At the bottom right ...


Young people and asthma: school and social life

This clip shows four young people sharing their experience of living with asthma and discussing its effects on their schooling and social life. Missing school for long periods of time, or missing the first few minutes of a class because of the additional time it takes to walk between lessons, can make it difficult for these ...


Young people and mental health: taking action early

This clip shows young people talking about the importance of taking early action as soon as the signs of mental illness are noticed. They describe the important role that family and friends play in identifying behavioural changes and the early onset of the condition, and say that earlier intervention might have lessened ...


Young people and mental health: words of wisdom

This clip shows young people sharing what they have learned from their experiences of being ill and managing a mental health issue. They talk about the need for young people to listen when their family and friends show concern or notice behavioural changes. They also encourage seeking professional help early, at the first ...


Young people and mental health: looking ahead

This clip shows young people talking optimistically about their future, describing their personal, educational and professional ambitions. They demonstrate resilience when they describe their mental health issues as temporary setbacks. This clip is one of a series in which young Indigenous and non-Indigenous people talk ...


Young people and type 1 diabetes: school life

This clip shows young people with type 1 diabetes describing a range of issues specific to their education. They talk about the role of their friends, principals, teachers and school nurses in helping them to manage their diabetes at school, and about some of the difficulties associated with being ill at school. Several ...


'Speaking from Experience': Points to consider - part 1

This clip is the first of two clips in which Linda Carter, a school counsellor, talks about points to consider when using the 'Speaking from Experience' resources. She talks about the importance of planning ahead before using the resources with students, allowing sufficient time for questions and answers afterwards, and ...


'Speaking from Experience': Points to consider - part 2

This clip is the second of two clips in which Linda Carter, a school counsellor, talks about points to consider when using the 'Speaking from Experience' resources with students. She talks about supporting students within the class who have, or who are affected by, the illness or situation relevant to the clip. Her suggestions ...

Moving Image

My Place - Episode 14: 1878: Henry, Henry's life

Henry and his friend Franklin experiment with a hot air balloon. After blowing up his schoolhouse with an experimental self-lighting candle, Henry is expelled from school. He goes to work in his uncle's saddlery.