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Interactive resource

Radical hunt: school hunt [Chinese]

Take photos as you move around a school. Find Chinese characters hidden near the things they represent. Notice they are compound characters that share a common radical. Discover the related meanings of each set of characters. Sort all of the characters according to their common radicals. Identify the general pattern that ...


Evenings at Northcote School - asset 1

This is an excerpt from 'Northcote School', a silent colour film made in 1950 about the Northcote Farm School at Glenmore in Victoria, which was established in 1937 to house child migrants from Great Britain. The Northcote Farm School consisted of small group homes headed by 'cottage mothers', and this excerpt shows how ...


New children coming to school in 1925

This is an excerpt from a 1925 silent black-and-white documentary entitled 'The rising generation'. It opens with the intertitles 'In South Australia the Government provides a liberal education for every child' and 'Each year ten thousand fresh young scholars enter the Public Schools of South Australia'. The intertitles ...


Marching at a school assembly in 1925

This is an excerpt from a 1925 silent black-and-white documentary entitled 'The rising generation'. It opens with a scene showing boys playing in a schoolyard. The boys then carry out various marching manoeuvres as their teachers watch, before making way for a schoolboys' marching band.


Wirriya: Small Boy, 2004: School

This clip shows 7-year-old Ricco Japaljarri Martin and his classmates at an Indigenous Australian community school near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Ricco and his classmates are shown singing a song together and Ricco says that he 'loves to learn'. Ricco is shown with a book learning about Mexico and Nigeria. ...


North Stradbroke Island school, 1917

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a group of nine children on the veranda of the Special Provisional School at Myora (Moongalba) on North Stradbroke Island near Brisbane in Queensland. The school is a single-storey building elevated on wooden stumps with a pitched roof made from wooden shingles. This image first ...


Debney Meadows Primary School ethnographic study in the Australian Children's Folklore archive, 1984

This is a booklet called 'Play and Friendships in a Multi-cultural Playground' lying on top of handwritten observations. The observations have been dated, and are on lined white writing-pad pages. The booklet is the result of a project called Play and Friendships in a Multi-cultural Playground (an ethnographic study of ...


Olympic Games participants' medal, 1956

This is a copper medal struck for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. On the obverse is the coat of arms of Melbourne under the Olympic rings and a kangaroo. Around the rim is inscribed: 'OLYMPIC GAMES MELBOURNE / 1956'. The reverse features nine pairs of athletes marching around the rim. One figure holds the Olympic flag. ...


'Federation celebrations Melbourne 1901' panel from Federation Tapestry, 2001

This is a tapestry panel titled 'Federation celebrations Melbourne 1901', designed by cartoonist Bruce Petty and woven by the Victorian Tapestry Workshop for Australia's Centenary of Federation in 2001. In a largely black-and-white panel, Petty depicts the 1901 Federation celebrations in Melbourne, portraying the Chinese ...


Father Christmas arrives at Watson family Christmas party, South Yarra, 1945

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Father Christmas arriving at the Watson family's Christmas Party at South Yarra Primary School. A Christmas tree is set up in a bin behind Father Christmas. The Watsons held the party for their entire family at the school. The photograph was taken in December 1945. The image ...


Electrical engineering class at Brunswick Technical School, 1934

This is a black-and-white photograph featuring an electrical engineering class working with electrical circuits at Brunswick Technical School in Melbourne in 1934.


Cane wicker cricket ball, date unknown

Lighter than a conventional cricket ball, this specially designed ball was used in cricket games involving visually impaired players. It has a 9.00 cm diameter.


My Place - Episode 12: 1898: Rowley, 1,000 good deeds

Rowley is working to complete his 1,000 good deeds so that his father will return to the family. He collects horse manure for the market gardeners and firewood for the woman who runs the laundry. He and his friend, Tom Müller, climb the tree to spy on the private school students who are practising to become soldiers.

Interactive Resource

Languages online: Indonesian section 11: 'What grade are you in?'

This set of interactive activities from the Languages online resource introduces how to ask and say where people go to school and their year level. The activities are designed to support students to use the appropriate Indonesian phrases using model dialogues. Student activities include constructing phrases by listening ...


Living in the outback, coping with boarding school

For Timmy Watson, living in a remote community in the Northern Territory is as good as it gets. But there's one drawback: the need to go to boarding school during the final years of secondary school. Find out more in Timmy's Heywire audio story. Could you write or record a story about yourself and/or your community? The ...

Moving Image

In the past: Christmas at a bush school

Discover how school children in the Australian bush celebrated Christmas more than 50 years ago. This silent clip shows school children putting on a Nativity play - a play that tells the Bible story of Jesus's birth. The students then have a Christmas party. The black-and-white footage was filmed near Parkes in 1961.

Moving Image

First day jitters

What was the first day of school like for your parents? This clip shows a group of children arriving at school with their parents in 1974.

Moving Image

Twinkle, twinkle, little ducks

A class of children join in a singing lesson on their first day of school in 1974. Watch and see how school has changed, and stayed the same, over time.

Moving Image

Bell's gone!

School finishes for the day and parents are waiting to take their children home. Find out what school pickup time looked like in 1974.

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A teacher who always has a smile on his face

What makes a great teacher? Gunnar Furhmann is the teaching principal of Huntingdon Public School in NSW. Get to know Mr Furhmann and his students and find out what makes him special.