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Listed under:  Electronics

National Panasonic wrist radio, c1970-72

This is an AM radio receiver in a circular bubble shape, manufactured from plastic and metal by National Panasonic, Japan. The plastic case is orange with a central hole so it can be worn on the wrist. It is thick at one side with a plastic tuning dial with numbers and speaker. There is a thin end that has a swivel joint, ...


Regency transistor radio, c1955

This is a cream-coloured plastic Regency transistor radio made by Regency Division IDEA Inc of Indianapolis in around 1955. It has a gold circular tuning dial marked with numbers representing signal frequency. The front has a square array of plastic holes covering mesh that sits over the speaker. There is also a single ...


Reverse engineering

This series of short videos from Khan Academy deconstruct and explain the way household items are designed and how they work including a digital alarm clock radio, a coffee maker, a tap light (a toggle switch light), a hair dryer, a DVD player, a universal remote and a digital camera.


Electrical engineering class at Brunswick Technical School, 1934

This is a black-and-white photograph featuring an electrical engineering class working with electrical circuits at Brunswick Technical School in Melbourne in 1934.


Robot wars!

At the Robotics and Electronics Club of James Cook University, electronics enthusiasts have created robot vehicles to challenge for the smash 'em up drag race title. Witness these robots in action around a circuit, and listen as the club president describes the activity's purpose. Discover some everyday applications of ...


Electrical control panel, c1923

This is an electrical control panel unit, protected by a grille, at the Spotswood Pumping Station.