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Challicum, 1844

This is a pen-and-ink diagram by Duncan Cooper that shows the layout of the home station at Challicum, a sheep run west of Ballarat in western Victoria. A list of the buildings is included in the diagram. They are: '1. Hut. 2. Kitchen, with covered shed behind. 3. Store. 4. Carpenters Shop. 5. Henhouse. 6. Woolshed. 7. ...


'Young woman holding a book', 1853

This is a small but striking pencil drawing, dating from 1853 and measuring 52.3 cm x 37.5 cm, showing a young woman posed as if in the act of sketching. She holds a pencil in her right hand and a drawing pad in her left. She is standing with her body almost full frontal and her face turned to the right, away from the viewer. ...


'The dawn of art', 1880s

This is a set of six drawings by the Aboriginal artists Ilontereba, Mindilpilpil and Billiamook. The set is prominently titled 'THE DAWN OF ART' with smaller text stating that it shows 'Original Sketches and Drawings by Aboriginal Natives of the Northern Territory of South Australia executed without the aid of a master. ...


'Leave us alone' by Mel Stringer

'Leave us alone' is a greyscale pen-and-ink illustration by Mel Stringer in which two lovers clutch each other while dealing with the distractions of the outside world. A skinny multi-armed man embraces a serene chunky-legged woman. The man's many arms are engaged in activities such as frantically painting and writing as ...


'Sloth swing' by Tai Snaith

'Sloth swing' is a pencil drawing in red tones on paper by Tai Snaith. It shows a sloth hanging upside down, holding onto a wooden frame like a swing. It is accompanied by the words 'sloth swing', written in a childlike hand.


'Giant turtle wizzy-dizz' by Tai Snaith

'Giant turtle wizzy-dizz' is a pencil drawing by Tai Snaith. It shows a giant turtle upside down, skewered through its soft underbelly and spinning on a pole. It is accompanied by the words 'THUD!' and the title 'giant turtle wizzy-dizz', written in a childlike hand. The drawing is in red pencil on paper.

Teacher resource

Climate educator guide, activity 5: investments in forest carbon

This is a teaching-learning resource containing teaching strategies and a student activity about identifying the valuable benefits, such as carbon sequestration, provided by forests. The resource has five tabs, four of which are relevant. The first tab provides information about policies and initiatives designed to protect ...