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All about engines

What does 'horsepower' really mean? And how do engines work? Join Luke and Abhi from MIT to find out! As Abhi explains, engines produce power by forcing a mixture of fuel and air into a tight space and then burning it. Piston engines and turbine engines do this in similar, yet different ways. After watching this video, ...


'Planet' motorcycle, 1916

This is a custom-built, twin-cylinder, 1497 cc motorcycle made by John Oliver in 1916. It was designed primarily for racing; its heaviness and long wheelbase made it difficult to control and somewhat impractical for everyday use. It is held in the collection of Museum Victoria. The motorcycle is 235.0 cm long x 73.0 cm ...


Manufacturing employees working on industrial lathes, 1950-60

This is a black-and-white image depicting male manufacturing workers at a motor vehicle plant. They are producing engine parts on industrial lathes in a large workshop. The photograph is part of the Laurie Richards Collection of commercial photographs at Museum Victoria. Its dimensions are: width, 10.3 cm x height, 10 cm.


Hydrogen-diesel engine

How might we reduce damaging emissions from diesel engines and increase their fuel efficiency at the same time? Watch as Dr Vishi Karri from the University of Tasmania describes the development of a new type of engine: the hybrid hydrogen-diesel engine. Dr Hafez A Hafez explains how the technology can be easily adapted ...