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Interactive resource

Discovering democracy: getting things done

Interact with a slideshow of images and text to explore how change can be bought about by people taking action and putting pressure on their elected representatives. The issue of the Franklin Dam in Tasmania is used as a case study. Complete a related task.


Australian Owl Genetics Project

This is an information sheet describing the Australian Owl Genetics Project's efforts to ensure the continuing survival of Australia's owls and the preservation of their habitats.


Water: H2O = life

This resource provides an in-depth look at the many ways that water shapes life on Earth. It investigates cultural and spiritual aspects of water, pressing environmental issues and actions we can take. This website is based on the National Museum of Australia exhibition 'Water: H2O = Life'.

Interactive Resource

Protected areas - SpatialGenie map layer

This is a map of Australia, showing protected areas in 2008. Students use the spatial visualisation tool, SpatialGenie, to explore this map as spatial data. They can investigate this map alone or add other map layers. Students use shape tools to measure area and distance, and they can also search for images. Using SpatialGenie, ...

Moving Image

Protecting exposed lake beds during drought

Visit the Lower Lakes near the mouth of the Murray River in 2009. Step onto the dried-out lake floor and watch what the wind does to the sand. How can planting rye grass help to stop erosion and to control a toxic environment in the mud beneath the sand? Find out in this clip.

Moving Image

Frog relocation

Did you know that the site of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney is also home to the appropriately named Green and Golden Bell Frog? Watch this clip to find out how Olympic planners worked with the Australian Museum to relocate frogs to a protected, nearby habitat.

Interactive resource

Online news: island holiday

Help an island resort to sell more holiday packages. Examine a web page designed to attract families. Build a page describing attractions for thrill-seekers and another for nature lovers. Choose titles, words and images that suit your audience and support your message. For example, use words such as 'glorious' and 'unspoilt' ...

Interactive resource

Cracking the code: Chinese character catalogue

Explore the structure of more than 2000 Chinese characters via an interactive library. Browse subject categories to find out how character components are combined to form different characters. Investigate relationships of form, sound and meaning between characters which use the same component. For example, notice that the ...

Interactive resource

Discovering democracy: joining in

View a slideshow of images and text to find out about volunteer groups and people who contribute to the Australian community such as Clean Up Australia and Meals on Wheels. Complete a related task.


Dryland salinity at Boorowa, 2001

This is a colour photograph showing a saline seep, an area of land affected by dryland salinity, where the watertable has risen to the surface. It was taken near Boorowa in New South Wales, about 115 km to the north of Canberra. In the foreground is an area of dried-up and cracked earth, with two dead trees in the middle ...


Wamsley's War, 2000: Cat hat

This clip shows John Wamsley, founder of Earth Sanctuaries, talking about his controversial hat made from feral cat skins, and how the hat was instrumental in his campaign to make it legal for operators of wildlife sanctuaries to destroy cats found on their property. Archival footage shows Wamsley at an official function, ...


The Franklin Wild River, 1980: Australian wilderness

This clip shows part of the journey that Bob Brown and forester Paul Smith made when they paddled the Franklin River in inflatable rafts in 1976. The clip includes images of the surrounding Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park wilderness in south-west Tasmania. Bob Brown's narration gives a personal account of the ...


Franklin River Journey, 1980: Attraction of the wilderness

This clip shows amateur botanist Antonius Moscal rafting down the Franklin River in south-western Tasmania in 1980. In voice-over, actor John Bluthnal translates Moscal and quotes him as he reflects on his attraction to the wilderness and his philosophy and attitudes to nature and God. A soundtrack of haunting liturgical ...

Teacher resource

People and the environment

This is a compilation of seven teaching activities about environments and how some resources within them are used. It uses stories and images to explore these places and issues. It includes sections on how individuals and groups can conserve resources. It also includes links to intercultural images, digital resources and ...


USGS Education: kids

This resource is a website with information, games, stories and activities about animals for children. The default interface is a colourful design that would appeal to young children, with a link provided to open an alternative interface for parents, and with activities listed by age group. The resource includes detailed ...

Moving Image

Hawkesbury River: competing needs and river health

Why is the Hawkesbury-Nepean river catchment a useful example for an exploration of river management issues? The needs of agriculture, horticulture and fishing are balanced with the maintenance of river health. In this clip, see how farmers and local landcare groups work with the catchment management authority to remove ...

Interactive Resource

How does your garden grow?

This Stage 2 resource grew from a conversation between young students questioning why they could still buy grapes if they were out of season. This wondering led to a discussion around when we grow certain fruit and vegetables. The original stimulus was extended to cover planting for the seasons and factors that influence ...