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Laptop wrap: Talking Evolution

A page to explore the theory of evolution and the work of Charles Darwin that features video interviews with the scientist Michael Shermer.


'Gogonasus' fossil discovery and animal evolution

This is a pictorial reconstruction of the now-extinct 'Gogonasus', an ancient fish whose discovery may have implications for the history of animal evolution.


Evolution and heredity: teacher guide

This is a teacher guide containing material to support the planning and implementing of lessons for a unit on evolution and heredity. It covers topics such as natural selection and species variation; evidence for evolution; DNA, genes, mitosis and meiosis; patterns of inheritance and gene technologies. The guide contains ...


Evolution and heredity: student digital

This is a student digital resource that contains interactive materials for a comprehensive study of evolution and heredity including species variation, adaptation, selection and biodiversity, evidence for evolution, the structure of DNA, meiosis and sexual reproduction, inheriting genes and traits, and mutations. This resource ...


Fossils and the evolution of life

Have you ever wondered how scientists know when the early mammals appeared on Earth, or how long ago dinosaurs died out? Watch this clip to discover the role of fossils, and the rocks they are found in, in revealing the order and history of life on Earth. This clip takes you to fossil sites in Queensland; and to Shark Bay ...


Evolution and heredity: student guide

This is a student guide that takes an in-depth look at evolution and heredity. It begins and ends with students arguing their stances on contentious topics concerning evolution and genetics. The chapters on evolution provide the evidence for evolution and show how species chance. The section of heredity introduces the history ...


Stickleback Evolution Virtual Lab - iTunes app

Enter this virtual laboratory and conduct experiments to investigate genetic variation and evolution of populations of the three-spined stickleback fish. Students analyse fish and fossillised specimens, construct tables and graphs, and interpret their analysis. There are also instructive tutorials, videos describing stickleback ...


Laptop wrap: Charles Darwin

A webpage with a focus on the work of Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution including its controversy.


Is there a salty fresh fruit?

All of us have tasted fresh fruits: sweet oranges, bitter gourds, sour plums. But is there a salty fresh fruit? In exploring the answer to this question, you will learn about fruit structure, their role and evolution.


Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was a nineteenth century scientist and writer whose influence on the nature and development of science is undisputed. See how he has influenced three notable Australian scientists in this short video from ABC Catalyst.


Sexual selection

This 5 minute video segment from Catalyst describes how Charles Darwin has revolutionised the way we understand modern biology and evolution. A scientist in Queensland put one of his theories under the microscope by testing to see if more brightly coloured male butterflies have greater success in mating. He speculates that ...


Laptop wrap: Fossilisation

A webpage with a focus on the process of fossilisation that helps explain why it occurs so rarely.


Unlocking the key to why chillies are hot

Have you ever eaten hot chilli and wondered why your mouth feels like it's on fire? Watch this clip to find out all about the science of chillies, including what makes them hot, why they are hot and why they cause so much pain when we eat them.



This 5 minute video segment from Catalyst shows a field trip with Dr Conrad Hoskin who has been scouring the tropical rainforests of north Queensland for frogs. He explains his research and the links between classification or taxonomy and evolution.


Dr John Long, winner of science prize for Gogo fossil discovery in 2005

This photograph shows Dr John Long, who won the 2008 Australasian Science Prize for his discovery of a 375-million-year-old fossil and embryo in 2005.


Kooaaa! It's a kookaburra

This ABC In Depth feature article describes how kookaburra chicks fight for survival in the family nest in springtime.


The first modern humans in south-east Asia

This is a multilayered resource about the theories and evidence of the origins of the first modern humans in south-east Asia. It has four sections: Theories; The sout-heast Asian fossil record; The appearance of sout-heast Asian features; and The first modern Indonesians. The Related sections, Related items and Related ...


Fossil mother fish

This is an information sheet that tells the story of the discovery of a fossil fish that is the world's oldest vertebrate mother. Also available is an animation showing the mother fish giving birth and a video of Dr John Long describing the find, how the fossils are prepared, and their significance.


Prehistoric Life (website)

This is a website that provides an illustrated overview of some key topics relating to fossils. The website was developed by Museum Victoria in response to frequently asked questions and public interest in the Museum's palaeontology collections and research.


Lured by fossils

Dinosaur fossils capture the imagination of all kinds of people, leading some to a lifetime of research and theorising. Find out about the devotion of two families whose examination of Australia's fossil record has contributed to understanding the geology and evolution of life here.