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Shark teeth

This is an information sheet about different types of fossil shark teeth that are occasionally found on Victorian beaches. It is also available as a one-page pdf file for download.

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Bizarre discoveries at forgotten fossil site

Soft tissue of ancient animals is rarely fossilised and preserved. But here in a secret location in England stunning examples have been unearthed. See what scientists believe led to the almost instant preservation of animals living 165 million years ago.

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Sneak peek at Earth's earliest animals

Can you imagine what the very first animals on Earth looked like? Journey into Charnwood Forest, England, to discover the 560- million-year-old fossil remains of the Ediacarans. What secrets and mysteries might these fossils reveal about a long-ago world when multi-cellular, higher order life was just beginning?

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Trace of an ancient reptile on a church wall

For years a fossilised footprint in a stone set into a church wall has been clouded in mystery. The unusual prints resembled a handprint and were given the name Chirotherium (meaning hand-beast). Could these fossils be a trace of life left behind by an ancient reptile from the Triassic - one of the rauisuchians from the ...

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Marine creatures turned to stone

Join a fossil hunter as he reveals a newly unearthed ammonite fossil. Become one of the first to see this prehistoric creature since its death over 100 million years ago. Find out how the hard shell of these marine creatures was sometimes fossilised, or turned to stone, through a process of mineralisation.

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Trout meets his fossilised bony ancestor

Join a fossil hunter as he compares a live modern-day trout with its 380-million-year-old fossilised ancestor. Fossils of lungfish - the prehistoric relatives of bony fish - are not hard to find in the slabs of rock here, thanks to a mass mortality event in ancient times. What might have caused a large fish kill during ...


Extinct Australian animals over time

This collection of 21 digital curriculum resources is organised into five categories - fossils and geological time, early mammals and megafauna, recent extinctions, dinosaurs and invertebrates. The diverse groups of extinct Australian animals in the collection are represented in images of fossils, scientific reconstructions ...


Dinosaur fossil bone

This is a colour photograph of a fossil bone set against a black background. This bone is an opalised fossil of a femur, or thigh bone, of a hypsilophodont dinosaur. The blue colouration of this opalised fossil bone is clearly visible.


Tasmanian Tiger, 1932: Thylacine

This clip shows silent black-and-white footage of a Tasmanian tiger ('Thylacinus cynocephalus') in captivity. It was filmed in 1932 at Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart, Tasmania, and shows the Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, in a small enclosure. The thylacine is shown standing, lying, sitting, moving around, pacing, scratching and ...