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Apple Macintosh software game 'Warlords', 1991

This is the cover of an Apple Macintosh software game called 'Warlords'. It shows a medieval knight holding a sword and shield and standing in front of a castle. The text on the cover reads: 'Steve Fawkner / WARLORDS / Roger Keating / Stephen Hart / Gregor Whiley'. A rectangular section at the bottom left reads 'Mac (Plus ...


Apple II software game - 'The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate',1988

This is the cover of an Apple II software game called 'The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate'. It shows an illustration by Randy Berrett of a demonic figure rising above flames and reaching clawed hands towards four heroic figures of the fantasy genre: a wizard with a staff, an archer, a warrior with a sword and shield, and ...


Comparing the book and the film of 'The Hobbit'

Have you ever read a book and then seen the film version of it? Did you think it was well done or could it have been done differently? In this panel interview presented by Michael Cathcart, academics Mark Atherton and Lynette Porter talk about the things that influenced J.R.R. Tolkien in writing 'The Hobbit'. They also ...

Assessment resource

Picture story: outdoor adventure: assessment

Test your ability to create a movie from a still picture by choosing shots and camera moves. As a practice task, use software tools to recreate a movie about horseriding. See how combinations of camera shots hide things from, or reveal things to, the audience and create mood. Apply these skills to an assessment by telling ...

Teacher resource

Picture story: situations: assessment: teacher guide

Use this resource with 'Picture story: situations: assessment' (L9674). First, see a profile of that assessment object, which gives you some helpful background information. Then follow clear guidelines on the marking and interpretation of student input. For each of the tasks, read notes on the three main anticipated levels ...

Teacher resource

Creating a picture book with an environmental theme - unit of work

This unit of work is designed to help students create a well-written story with an environmental theme and then to self-publish it as a picture book. It focuses on: the symbiosis and synergy between creatures and their habitat; the research required to write a story that has a strong basis in fact; the elements of a picture ...

Teacher resource

Bedtime stories - Teacher idea

In this Teacher idea students create picture storybooks integrating digital and non-digital resources. Engaging student-centred classroom activities supports students as they apply their learning to developing and publishing their ‘bedtime stories’.

Teacher resource

‘True’ stories - unit of work

In this unit of work, students take on the role of an author’s research assistant to investigate one of the introduced species that live in the Australian bush. Then, rather than limiting themselves to writing a report, they are challenged to weave their factual research into a creative story about the creature.

Teacher resource

Starting an adventure - unit of work

This unit of work explores elements of narrative in the context of a particular type of narrative, the adventure story. The unit is designed to help students understand the purpose of adventure stories, the narrative structure onto which the writer builds events, characters and setting, and how writers engage readers. Students ...

Teacher resource

A flight of fantasy - unit of work

In this unit of work, students explore the fantasy genre by examining a series of titles by Anna and Barbara Fienberg. They dramatise the thoughts and feelings of the characters through simple drama activities and develop their narrative writing skills through a focus on descriptive and figurative language. The unit is ...


Babe, 1995: 'Make them feel inferior'

This clip shows Babe (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh), a young pig attempting to prove to top dog Rex (voiced by Hugo Weaving) that he can be a 'sheepdog'. Gently tutored by the motherly sheepdog Fly (voiced by Miriam Margolyes), Babe applies established sheep-herding practices by bullying the sheep, only to fail. With some ...