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Characters as friends

Do you agree with Morris Gleitzman when he says that characters you create are like friends? How hard do you think it is to put your characters through difficult situations and make them suffer if you feel this way?

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Frog tales - unit of work

Students investigate frogs by examining a collection of fiction and non-fiction resources and creating a class anthology of frog stories.


The Book Show - David Malouf, 1988: The discipline of writing

This clip shows Australian writer David Malouf talking about how he writes, and describing the circumstances that best allow his ideas to develop and a book to take shape. Malouf and interviewer DJ (Dinny) O'Hearn are filmed on a cliff top in South Head, Sydney. The camera focuses mainly on Malouf who stands with his back ...


The Book Show - Peter Carey, 1992: You must like your characters

This clip shows Australian novelist Peter Carey being interviewed by the ABC's 'The Book Show' host Andrea Stretton on the subject of his recently published novel 'The Tax Collector'. Filmed while sitting on the balcony of a city building, Carey appears relaxed as he responds to Stretton's questions about the novel's characters, ...

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Problem solving with Morris Gleitzman!

How do you write a story? Morris Gleitzman starts by finding a character and giving his character a problem to solve. Along the way, he creates obstacles and tries to figure out how the character will go about overcoming the obstacles and eventually solve the problem. See if you can create your own character who has to ...

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Write with Emily Rodda!

Did you know that ideas for stories can come from just about anywhere? Emily Rodda even wrote a book about her dog! See if you can come up with an idea, characters and settings to create your own story. Remember, reading and practising a lot helps!

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Andy Griffiths' writing tips

Watch this clip as Andy Griffiths offers his tips on how to write a story. See if you can come up with your own story that begins with you opening a box marked, "DO NOT OPEN". What's in the box? What happens next? Keep in mind Andy's three tips!

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What is spec fic? Rebecca Lim explains

Have you heard of the term 'spec fic'? What is speculative fiction? If you're interested in reading some, why not find out more about the books that Rebecca Lim refers to.

Interactive Resource

Inside a Dog

This website provides extensive resources for secondary school students and teachers promoting active reading and young adult literature. Developed by the State Library of Victoria, the site is primarily designed for teen readers to source books, share reviews, discuss book news, and form book clubs. An authors in residence ...