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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Industries  >  Film industry

Making Venus, 2002: It's all image

This clip shows the board outside the new Sydney premises of film production company Tomahawk Pictures. The camera follows producer Jason Gooden on a tour of the office, during which he comments on the importance of a 'prestigious' office and its symbolic function for his amateur team. Tomahawk Pictures is in the process ...

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Film distributor or taste maker?

Madman Entertainment co-founder Paul Wiegard isn't sure if his organisation, which was set up to distribute films, has become a taste maker or simply mirrors a natural shift in Australia's tastes. One thing is certain though, as program host Marcus Westbury says, 'Madman is the '500 pound gorilla' of Australian niche culture.'


On the set of 'Eureka Stockade', 1948

This is a black-and-white photograph of three men, George Heath (left), Chips Rafferty (right) and a man in the centre captioned only as 'Haring', who may be Harry Watt, the film director, standing near a cine camera looking upwards and into the distance. A woman sits on a folding stool in the foreground.


Interview in the Film Australia studio, 2004

This is a colour photograph of an interview about to be filmed in the studio at Film Australia in Lindfield on Sydney's North Shore in 2004 for Film Australia's 'Immigration' DVD. In the centre, facing the camera, are the DVD's cowriters-directors-producers Paul Byrnes and Penelope McDonald. Byrnes looks at the camera while ...


The Picture Show Man, 1977: 'Damned Yankee'

This clip shows an encounter between the 'picture show man', Maurice Pym (John Meillon), and his former protégé and now rival, Pete Palmer (Rod Taylor). Pym, his son Larry (Harold Hopkins) and the pianist Lou (Garry McDonald) are bogged on an isolated track when Palmer appears on the horizon in his fancy wagon. Palmer stops ...


The Picture Show Man, 1977: Men of many talents

This clip shows a travelling picture show in the hall of a small Australian country town in the 1920s. It opens with the 'picture show man', Maurice Pym (John Meillon), entertaining the audience with a vaudeville song and dance routine. Pym's son Larry (Harold Hopkins) ignites a lime pellet, which produces light for the ...


Gulpilil: One Red Blood, 2002: Walkabout

This clip shows some of the issues relating to Indigenous Australians in film. It begins with footage of Indigenous actor David Gulpilil talking to admirers at a screening of the film 'Walkabout' in Los Angeles in 1979. It then shows a scene from 'Walkabout' (1971), which was directed by Nicholas Roeg. A series of speakers, ...


Coming Up from Down Under, 1983: Jack and Bryan

This clip shows actors Jack Thompson and Bryan Brown talking about the Australian film industry of the 1970s and early 1980s. Thompson describes what he sees as the distinctive qualities of the industry and Brown attributes the success of Australian films overseas to the fact that they had something to say.


Efftee Studio opening in Melbourne - Speech by Frank Forde, 1931

This black-and-white clip shows Minister for Trade and Customs Frank Forde making a speech to mark the opening of Efftee Studios in Melbourne and the first production of sound films in Australia. Forde says that 'talkies' will herald a new era in the Australian film industry, creating job opportunities and increased trade, ...


Hoyts and Studebaker Cinema Advertisement - Touring Talkie Show, c1929

This black-and-white clip shows a silent cinema advertisement for Hoyts's 'Touring Talkie Show', which took sound films and audio equipment to rural cinemas not equipped for sound. In the clip, executives from the Hoyts, Studebaker and Shell companies greet one of the Hoyts trucks, or 'Roadshow Units', in a Melbourne street. ...


Hoyts Cinemas - Talkies for Country Areas, c1929: Hoyts talking pictures roadshow

This black-and-white clip is a silent advertisement for Hoyts, a film exhibition company, promoting its 'Touring Talkie Show', which took sound films and portable audio equipment to rural cinemas not equipped for sound. It shows a van with the words 'HOYTS TALKING PICTURES ROADSHOW UNIT 1' stencilled on the side. Two uniformed ...

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Popular culture

This unit of work focuses on the Popular cutlure depth study in the the year 10 History curriculum, focusing primarily on popular music in Australia from 1945 to the present day. The unit draws on a range of online music, cultural collections and affiliated web resources to help students discover the how music shaped Australia's ...

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Migrants Enriching Australia

This is a rich collection of stories that focuses on the life experiences of two individuals, one of Greek heritage and one of Polish heritage, who immigrated and settled in Victoria post World War II. The resource explores how these people shared their cultural heritage and how this enriched Australian life at this time. ...