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My Place - Episode 7: 1948: Jen, The pictures

Jen and her friends are at the 'pictures' watching a newsreel that includes an announcement of the birth of Prince Charles. In the cinema foyer the girls steal a movie poster of Prince Philip, the husband of Princess Elizabeth (who would later become Queen Elizabeth II). The girls discuss the importance of 'handsomeness' ...


Australia's peril

This is a promotional poster for the 1917 Australian silent movie 'Australia's peril'. The poster shows a sketch of three German soldiers in a bedroom, one holding a dead or fainting woman. A man lies dead on the floor, holding a revolver. The catchcry is 'Are Our Women Safe from Violation? Men and Women of Australia, Awake!'


The dinkum bloke

This is an image of a poster advertising the 1923 silent era romantic comedy film 'The dinkum bloke'. The poster depicts actor Arthur Tauchert as the self-sacrificing father Bill Garvin, dressed as a navvy (labourer) earning a living as a street singer outside public houses in the struggle to fulfil the promise made to ...