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Comptometers at Acton Offices, Canberra, 1926

This is a black-and-white photograph, by William James Mildenhall, of female employees of the Federal Capital Commission in Acton Offices, Canberra, in September 1926. Five women are pictured in crowded conditions, working on comptometers. Each woman sits at a desk in front of a comptometer. The woman in the foreground ...


Program for opening of Hills Water Scheme for Perth and Fremantle, 1925

This is a program commemorating the official opening of the first section of the Hills Water Scheme for Perth and Fremantle, Western Australia, in December 1925. The four-page black-and-white brochure is 12.5 cm x 20 cm.

Teacher resource

MoneySmart: Reaching goals: What's involved?

This unit of work students learn about financial planning through the characters Cathy and Dinuka who are Year 10 students planning to go on a holiday together at the end of Year 12. Students learn about goal setting, saving, borrowing, investing, working with compound interest, good and bad credit, depreciation and inflation.