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Ingenico i5100 electronic payment terminal, 2005

This is a i5100 electronic payment terminal, manufactured from metal, plastic and electronic components by Ingenico International, France, in 2005. The compact hand-held unit features a magnetic card reader, smart card reader, printer and pin-pad. The terminal is housed in a grey plastic casing with a pink metallic plastic ...

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MoneySmart: classroom resources

This is a collection of seven videos about financial and consumer issues that affect young people. Five of the videos show young people dealing with the mistakes they have made in maxing out their credit cards, buying a car, moving out of home, taking their first job, or shopping online. The secondary school simulation ...


Prototype for electronic payment terminal, c2002

This is a prototype form of an Ingenico electronic payment terminal, manufactured from plastic photopolymer by Design+Industry, New South Wales. It comprises a number of translucent white separate parts that slide together. Some parts have been modified by hand using putty, or annotated using pencil, pen or marker. The ...

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MoneySmart: Rookie for educators

This is a suite of resources about making smart financial decisions in six situations where a young person assumes full adult responsibility for the first time. These include buying a car, borrowing money, owning a mobile phone, moving out of home, shopping online, and managing their first job. Resources for each situation ...

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MoneySmart: How can we access money overseas?

This is a year 8 mathematics unit of work about converting currency, accessing money overseas and bartering to acquire goods. Intended to take about ten hours, the unit consists of five sets of student tasks supported by teacher notes. Tasks include calculating the costs of converting Australian dollars to Japanese yen ...

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MoneySmart: teens and consumer issues

This is a video in which secondary students recount their experiences with mobile phones. They explain why they chose a contract or a prepaid plan for their phone and the advantages and disadvantages of each; describe how they accrued excess charges by downloading too much data, or didn't get full value from their prepaid ...

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MoneySmart: professional learning

MoneySmart has created a series of online professional learning courses aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for teachers and designed to build personal financial capabilities. Courses are typically 1.5 to 2 hours in duration. The suite of course include primary as well as secondary focused courses, program ...

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Trading for food in Medieval Europe

What are the essential things you need to survive? Food, water, medicine, shelter, sanitation ... anything else? How do you obtain these basic requirements? How might people living in Medieval Europe have survived if they had no money or land? In this clip, discover a useful practice that helped peasants negotiate a living. ...

Interactive resource

Kangaroo: communicating a message

Explore arguments for and against harvesting kangaroos for their meat. Decide whether to support a kangaroo meat industry. Build a television report supporting your viewpoint. This learning object is one in a series of two objects.

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Kangaroo: communicating messages

Explore arguments for and against harvesting kangaroos for their meat. Decide whether to support a kangaroo meat industry. Build a television report or newspaper article supporting your viewpoint. This learning object is one in a series of two objects.

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Nhu Minh: multiculturalism in Australia

Meet Nhu Minh, a Vietnamese-Australian studying in Melbourne in 1987. Explore Nhu's cultural background, showing how multiculturalism has enriched life in Australia. Examine photos, personal notes and historic materials. Use these materials to build a storyboard, including captions and voiceovers.

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Making a difference: Vincent Lingiari

Explore perspectives on Australia’s Indigenous heritage through photos and text about Vincent Lingiari. Trace his story, including the leadership of the Wave Hill walk-off and the struggle for land rights. Consider the hardship endured by Indigenous peoples living on Wave Hill cattle station. Investigate barriers Lingiari ...

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Mari kita makan

Explore an Indonesian market and find out how to barter. Choose one of three shopping lists of ingredients for an Indonesian recipe. Visit the market with your Indonesian friend. Browse at the stalls to find out about the items on offer and to find three items from your list. Barter for items with the vendor. Visit all ...


Fashionista - Donna-May Bolinger, 2004: Passionate about shoes

This clip shows shoe and accessory designer Donna-May Bolinger in her Sydney showroom talking about her design process with interviewer Lee Lin Chin. She tells Chin that each of her collections is inspired by a different imaginary muse. She shows Chin a slipper from about 1930 and the new shoes that the slipper inspired. ...


Commonwealth Bank - The School Bank, 1951: Withdrawing funds

This black-and-white clip taken from a sponsored film 'Commonwealth Bank - The School Bank' shows children being instructed in the Commonwealth Savings Bank in Martin Place, Sydney, on how to withdraw money from bank accounts. As a narrator describes the process there is footage of a man filling in the withdrawal form and ...


Commonwealth Bank - Willie Wombat, c1939: Willie's song

This clip shows part of an animated film from about 1939, sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank, that promotes school banking to schoolchildren using a version of the traditional story 'The ant and the grasshopper'. Willy Wombat sings that he wants to play instead of save. Other Australian native animals including a koala, ...


Joe Leahy's Neighbours, 1988: 'Bride-price '

The clip shows a village meeting of Ganiga people and members of a visiting clan discussing a bride price of pigs rather than of money. Male Ganiga speakers present the lower-than-expected bride price and say they cannot pay with money. The girl's representatives say that they do not often see money, and so pigs are acceptable. ...


A craftwork class near Molong, 1949

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1949 that shows a craftwork class taking place in an outdoor setting in rural New South Wales. The photograph shows a group of boys aged between about 12 and 14 years who are learning how to repair boots. A teacher is demonstrating how to resole a boot to two of the students. ...


PM Stanley Bruce with Charles Kingsford Smith, 1928

This is a 1928 black-and-white close-up photograph of Australian Prime Minister Stanley Melbourne Bruce, in dark overcoat, handing a large-sized Commonwealth Bank cheque for £5,000 to aviator Charles Kingsford Smith, in flying jacket, in Canberra after the pioneer aviator's first flight across the Pacific Ocean.


Mollie Flaherty's cricket shoes, c1930s-40s

These are the cricket shoes worn by Mollie Flaherty, an Australian right-arm fast bowler who played on the Australian women's cricket team from 1937 to 1939, and the New South Wales women's team for over a decade, from 1934 to 1949.