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Department of Commerce poster, 1942

This is a black-and-white poster from the Second World War encouraging readers to serve Australian lamb, bacon, apples and pears, dairy produce and wine at their dinner tables to support the war effort. The poster was issued by the Department of Commerce, and produced by the Commonwealth Advertising Division in 1942. The ...


Lend-lease food for the USSR, 1943

This is a black-and-white photograph showing the ingredients used in canned pork supplied to the USSR by the USA under the lend-lease program during World War II. The photograph is in the collection of the US Library of Congress and its caption reads: 'Cincinnati, Ohio. Preparing canned pork (Russian: "svinaia tushonka") ...

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Where does bread come from?

Do you know where your bread comes from? Discover how many other foods can be made from wheat flour. This clip tells the story of wheat from the farm to the factory. See how the big machines in a flour mill make flour from grains of wheat.


Choice: groceries

This is a web page providing reviews of various grocery products and results of taste comparison tests. It covers sausages, bread, liquid breakfasts, breakfast cereals, Christmas puddings, cake mix, frozen fish and salad dressing as well as looking at Stevia sugar substitute and the major steps beef goes through from the ...


Choice: nutrition

This is a web page providing reviews of various food products and supplements in terms of nutrition, covering frozen yoghurt, supermarket diet foods and fast food including vegetarian fast food. It also looks at omega-3 supplements, probiotics, protein supplements and beneficial foods - blueberries, fish, ginger and chilli, ...


Sustainable table: meet your meat

This is a website about the environmental and animal welfare issues related to the consumption of meat. It contains sections on the amount of meat we eat; the environmental impacts of consuming meat; cattle, chicken, egg-laying-hen and pig-farming factories; and what can be done to improve the current state of the meat ...

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Timor-Leste: feeding the hungry

It is often hard for a developing country to grow enough food to feed its population. In this clip you'll see the challenges encountered by the growing nation of Timor-Leste (East Timor). Listen to an AusAID organiser and the East Timorese president describe the importance of food, and the heartbreak of a hungry nation.

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From Paddock to Plate

Discover where our food comes from and how it gets to our table. Explore farming practices and the processes involved in producing familiar food products. Use video clips to investigate the biological needs of food crops and farm animals. Explore the diversity of foods that may be produced from a range of agricultural produce.


Horsedrawn stripper harvesters, c1884-1914

This black-and-white photograph shows teams of horsedrawn stripper harvesters in a large unharvested wheat field. The Nicholson and Morrow stripper harvester in the centre of the image is harnessed to four horses and controlled by a driver sitting directly behind them. Similar stripper harvesters can be seen nearby. All ...

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The power of food

This is a compilation of three teaching sequences about food security. It includes sections on countries and their levels of food security and insecurity, hunger worldwide, programs working to improve food security, and approaches to food security. It introduces this important global issue and provides source material, ...

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Rice and aquaculture in Vietnam

This is a video about small-scale farming in Vietnam. It includes the issues surrounding food production in Vietnam and two case studies of farming families. One case study is about a family in northern Vietnam that produces rice, fruit and some dairy to meet their own survival needs. The second case study is about a family ...

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Peak phosphorus

Did you know all living things need phosphorus to survive? This is why phosphorus is mined and sold as fertilisers to help grow crops. What will happen to crop yields when we run out of phosphorus? What are some of the solutions Dr Dana Cordell has to combat the issue of diminishing phosphorus supplies?


Rice growing in Australia

This is an excerpt from a 1927 silent documentary entitled 'Rice growing in Australia'. It begins with two long intertitles: 'Up to 1925, Australia produced very little rice. The bulk of her yearly requirements, totalling nearly 23,000 tons, was imported', followed by 'Experiments carried out in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation ...


'Catching crocodiles', 1933 - asset 6

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white film about shooting and trapping crocodiles in the north of Australia in 1933. It was filmed and directed by Noel Monkman. A soundtrack of strings playing Mozart backs the commentary. A shot of two crocodile mud baths cuts to a man uncovering a crocodile nest to expose the eggs. ...


'Catching crocodiles', 1933 - asset 7

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white film about hunting and trapping crocodiles in the north of Australia in 1933. It was filmed and directed by Noel Monkman. A soundtrack of strings playing Mozart backs the commentary. The excerpt begins with a close-up comparison of a crocodile egg with a hen's egg. A young woman ...


Harry's Cafe de Wheels, 1945-85

This is a converted box-style caravan used for 40 years by Harry's Cafe de Wheels to sell pies, crumbed sausages and other food in Sydney. The roof of the caravan is slightly arched, and there is colourful advertising signage covering the front. The text reads: 'HARRY'S CAFE DE-WHEELS / WE SELL & RECOMMEND .... BIRD'S Quality ...


Wagon loaded with wheat, 1880-1900

This is a black-and-white photograph from a silver gelatin dry-plate glass negative, attributed to George Bell and produced by the studio of Charles Kerry and Co, Sydney. It shows a horsedrawn wagon at Narromine railway station, fully loaded with bags of wheat. The cart is harnessed to ten horses. Two men face each other ...


Transporting cream on horseback at Dorrigo Plateau, c1911

This photographic negative shows two men on horseback transporting tins of cream. It was taken in the Dorrigo area of New South Wales by Kerry and Co between 1905 and 1917. The men and horses are on a dirt track surrounded by bushes, tall stands of trees and birdsnest ferns. The caption, studio number and studio mark are ...


'Founding a Dairy Farm', 1884-1917

This full plate glass negative entitled 'Founding a Dairy Farm' was takenby Sydney photographic studio Kerry and Co at some stage between 1884 and 1917. The silver gelatin dry plate glass negative in landscape format depicts cattle in a field which is in the process of being fenced. The caption, studio number and studio ...


Vegemite jar, 1923-28

This is an amber-coloured glass jar, cylindrical in form but slightly tapering from the base to the neck. The jar is both lipped and footed. It is missing the lid and the label. Marks on the underside show 'FRED WALKER and Co. PTY LTD'. The jar measures 7.2 cm height x 4.7 cm diameter.