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New migrant greeted by Ben Chifley

This is a photograph taken in 1947 of Prime Minister Ben Chifley greeting a recently arrived immigrant outside Parliament House (now Old Parliament House), Canberra. Fifteen other men are present; Arthur Calwell, Minister for Immigration, is in the middle background and a boom microphone is raised over their heads. Most ...


How soon they forget, c2001

This etching (ink on paper) was created by Roy Kennedy of the Wiradjuric language group around 2001. The work depicts the Police Paddock mission and Warangesda mission, near Griffith in NSW where Kennedy and his family lived. The work highlights the artist's own experience on a rural mission, and documents the life of many ...

Teacher resource


This is a compilation of five teaching sequences about refugees. It includes sections on factors leading to people being forced to leave and seek safety; refugees and asylum seekers; life in a refugee camp; statistics about refugees worldwide; Myanmar refugees; and how a number of international support programs are empowering ...