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Listed under:  Science  >  Earth and space  >  Landforms  >  Geological basins

'Making Melbourne the world's most water-sensitive city' brochure, 2003

This is a colour brochure that promotes and was published by Melbourne Water, a water management organisation owned by the Victorian Government. The cover includes the title of the brochure - 'Making Melbourne the world's most water-sensitive city', a photograph of a large body of water with land in the background, and ...

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Wild rivers conundrum

Whether to develop or conserve is a common dilemma across the Australian landscape, and opinions are divided on the issue of Queensland's Wild Rivers legislation. The state government is considering a repeal of this legislation, which protects a number of important river catchments.


Animal weapons: crocodile

This is a colour clip showing how the saltwater crocodile ('Crocodylus porosus'), also known as the estuarine crocodile, hunts for prey in a tropical waterhole. The clip shows the crocodile swimming low in the water to avoid being seen by the many species of wading birds that use the waterhole for feeding and breeding. ...


Message Stick - Kurtal: Snake Spirit, 2002: Jila

This clip shows Nyirlpirr Ngalyaku Spider Snell (c1925-), a Wangkatjunka Elder, teaching members of his community about Kurtal, their snake ancestor. In the opening scenes he shows his paintings that illustrate the Kurtal Dreaming. Footage of a waterhole and a man wearing body paint and headdress appear before scenes that ...


'Kiritjinya' by John Tjakamarra, 1975

This acrylic painting depicts the waterhole of Kiritjinya, one of many sites visited by the Tingarri Men and their young initiates on their travels in the Dreaming. A sequence of circles represent (from top to bottom) their fire, the initiates' instruction area and the waterhole with the senior lawmen or Elders seated around ...


The Rainbow Serpent

This is a brief (two paragraphs) information page about the importance of snake creation beings, particularly the Rainbow Serpent, in the Dreamings of many Aboriginal peoples. The snake beings are seen to inhabit many permanent waterholes and are said to control of the availability of water. The second paragraph refers ...


Marine stormwater pollution

This website is designed to support science and geography inquiry activities on protecting the marine environment from stormwater pollution. It contains information and images about all aspects of land based stormwater pollution, its impact on marine environments and ways individuals can solve these issues.The information ...

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What have we got here: the Darling catchment

This six and a half minute video provides an overview of the Darling River catchment. The overview covers the hydrology, ancient and recent history, communities, environment and industry along the river. The video also looks at the role local land authorities play in natural resource management. The video is one of ten ...

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What have we got here: Darling River song

This five minute video is a performance of a song inspired by the Darling River: the history of the river as well as the personal reflections of the singer. The lyrics of the song take the listener on a journey through concepts relevant to the river and its catchment such as human impacts, development by the Europeans, ...