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Listed under:  Science  >  Earth and space  >  Landforms  >  Glaciers
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Thinning ice sheet

Discover that that the massive ice sheet in East Antarctica has been losing mass since 2006 instead of growing, as was previously thought. Watch animations to see how scientists from NASA and Australia are using satellite technology and aerial monitoring to investigate the thickness of East Antarctica's ice sheet. Find ...

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Accelerating glaciers in Antarctica

Discover a white world in which glaciers are racing toward the sea at seven times their normal speed. This is what is happening in Antarctica now and the consequences will eventually be felt at your nearest beach. Travel with scientist Dr Paul Williams to see some stunning images of what is occurring around the fringes ...

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Greenhouse effect tips toward climate catastrophe

Follow the carbon atom, the central character in this story about oil, as it is released as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and contributes to the greenhouse effect. See how other events like melting glaciers amplify that effect and contribute to an increasingly overheated climate. Learn about what might tip us over ...

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Polar explorer observes Arctic melt, 2009

An Australian polar explorer describes his experience and observations of the Arctic following a three-month expedition around Greenland. Onboard Greenpeace's MV 'Arctic Sunrise' in 2009, Eric Philips saw at firsthand the conditions of the ice in the Arctic. Listen as Eric describes the changes he has seen after many yearly ...

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Glaciers on the move

Many glaciers around the world are retreating and scientists are concerned. In this clip, a group of scientists hike into a New Zealand glacier in 2010 to measure the effects that global climate change is having on glacier size. Discover what they find: some of New Zealand's glaciers have so far bucked the trend!

Interactive resource

The Circle: the frozen laboratory

Explore how Antarctic plants and animals are adapted to life in a polar environment. Look at species descriptions of animals such as penguins, whales and krill. Examine specific adaptations such as the dense feathers and layers of body fat of the emperor penguin. Compare feeding pathways within a food web. Explore the geological ...

Interactive resource

The Circle: geology

Explore the geological history of Antarctica. Notice the Antarctic continent is thought to have drifted south from the equator. Look at the origins of landforms such as mountains, glaciers and icebergs. Compare fossils found in locations around Antarctica and Australia. This learning object is one in a series of eight learning ...


'Nice Day at the Beach' cartoon by John Tiedemann, 2005

This cartoon by John Tiedemann offers commentary on the Cronulla race riots of 2005. A man is lying on his beach towel wearing Australia-flag shorts and a Santa Claus hat. Surrounding him are various weapons including an axe, pistol, sword, hand grenade and brass knuckles. This cartoon first appeared in the Daily Telegraph ...


'Two Australians' cartoon by John Spooner, 2005

This cartoon by John Spooner offers commentary on the Cronulla race riots of 2005. It is separated into two parts: on the left, under the heading 'Two Australians', a policeman protects a Lebanese man and holds off an unseen aggressor with capsicum spray; on the right, under the heading 'One Alien', a blond surfer with ...


'Welcome to democracy' cartoon by Dean Alston, 2006

This is a monochrome cartoon by Dean Alston commenting on the Australian Government's intervention in the 2006 Dili riots. Australian military forces and Timorese villagers appear in the background with a burning village behind them. It shows a local East Timorese man in the foreground saying, '... POLITICIANS BECAME ARROGANT, ...


'Explaining democracy' cartoon by Bruce Petty, 2006

This is a colour cartoon by Bruce Petty commenting on the Australian Government's intervention into the East Timorese riots of 2006. It shows foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer leading a massive combined military force, heading towards representatives from East Timor, Solomon Islands, Iraq, Afghanistan, Fiji, Papua ...


Siege of the South, 1931: In the seaplane

This black-and-white clip shows an aerial reconnaissance flight and a near-fatal accident involving the seaplane taken during the second British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE 1929-31). Cameraman Frank Hurley films icebergs and pack ice from the air. He then films an accident from the ...


'The battlefield - Red Hill', 1854

This is a watercolour, pen and ink sketch by Charles Alphonse Doudiet. It depicts a panoramic view of Red Hill in Ballarat, looking out from Post Office Hill, during the height of the Victorian gold rush in 1854. In the image Red Hill is a small township of makeshift huts and tents formed around the gold diggings in eastern ...


'Eureka riot 17th October', 1854

This is a watercolour, pen and ink sketch by Charles Alphonse Doudiet that depicts some of the thousands of goldminers who gathered and subsequently rioted at Bentley's Eureka Hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, on 17 October 1854. A small line of soldiers is in the foreground outnumbered by a huge crowd of protesting miners. ...


'Beyond the Pack Ice', 1968 - item 1

This is a colour photograph of sea ice floating in the Southern Ocean with the Antarctic continent in the background. It was taken during the shoot of the short documentary, 'Beyond the Pack Ice' in 1968.


Walking through a Minefield, 1999: Uranium blockade

This clip shows antimining protesters planning to block the road to the Jabiluka Uranium Mine in the Northern Territory, Australia. The police arrive and hold discussions with the protesters. The sun rises, the protesters chant, trespass notices are issued and a worker tries to open a gate to get through the blockade. The ...


Walking through a Minefield, 1999: The right to protest

This clip shows Australians, in a variety of settings, being interviewed about activism. A woman speaks of becoming blasé about being arrested for her involvement in protests. Another woman talks about her concerns that being arrested as a protester could affect her future employment and travel plans. A woman and a man ...


'Great public meeting of loyalists', 1887

This sepia composite image shows a set of six illustration panels superimposed over an enlarged detail of the final panel. The illustrations depict a huge public meeting held in Sydney on 15 June 1887 to affirm New South Wales's loyalty to the Crown, and the melee between republicans and loyalists that took place at the ...


'Proud to be unAustralian' cartoon by Fiona Katauskas, 2005

This cartoon by Fiona Katauskas offers commentary on race riots that occurred in Cronulla, Sydney, in 2005. It shows two women walking past an angry mob, which includes people holding Australian flags and wearing patriotic clothes. One member of the mob has his stomach painted with the words 'Lebs out'. One of the women ...

Teacher resource

Classroom Antarctica: water, snow and ice

This learning sequence investigates the water cycle in Antarctica. It explores the different types of ice found and how it forms. Using simple classroom experiments, students investigate the effects on water density of salinity and temperature and consider how these factors influence ocean movements. Activities also explore ...