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Indigenous people at Lake Tyers mission, c1900

This black-and-white posed photograph shows Indigenous men, women and children at Lake Tyers mission in Gippsland, Victoria, in about 1900. It has been taken out of doors with the group placed in front of a large tree and some shrubs. There are ten men, four women and several infants and children. All are wearing Western-style ...


Truck presented to Salvation Army, outside Brunswick Town Hall, c1942

This is a sepia photograph showing a Salvation Army Chevrolet truck with loudspeaker, presented by the City of Brunswick Patriotic Fund to the Salvation Army in about 1942. A man in Salvation Army uniform and a man in a suit stand in front of the truck. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.


First Australians, episode 4: No other law, 2008

This resource contains three clips from the television series First Australians. This clips describe aspects of the history and life of the Arrernte people of central Australia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The first clip focuses on the Altyerra (Dreaming); the second on the recorded memories of Arrernte man ...


'Pacifica: Tales from the South Seas' - episode 1, 1993

These are two clips of television documentary footage describing the effect that the arrival of missionaries had upon traditional ways of living on Cook Island. It also includes a story about the survival of fishermen on a boat from Kiribati that was lost at sea but after three months, safely returned home. The clips come ...

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Timor-Leste: feeding the hungry

It is often hard for a developing country to grow enough food to feed its population. In this clip you'll see the challenges encountered by the growing nation of Timor-Leste (East Timor). Listen to an AusAID organiser and the East Timorese president describe the importance of food, and the heartbreak of a hungry nation.

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The different faces of Indonesia

Journey through Indonesia, our most populous neighbour - a nation of contradictions. Through the images in this clip, discover more about the people and the land, including population size, living conditions, education, internal migration, natural disasters, land management and international aid. How does Indonesia differ ...

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Poor man's crop, rich man's food

Cashews are expensive to buy, but Indonesian cashew farmers don't get paid a high price for them. So who gets the profits? Trace the journey of cashews from farm to market with some farmers from Flores who grow them. Find out about a program aimed at addressing the profit issue, and see its impact on the wellbeing of farmers ...

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The impossible made possible: ahh, clean water!

In Flores, Indonesia, eleven local villages and two international organisations work together to achieve an 'impossible' engineering feat. See in how many ways piping clean springwater from high up on a mountainside can help a community in need.

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Bali and Sumba - paradise versus poverty

We all know the idyllic paradise called Bali, but have you ever heard of its poorer neighbour, the Indonesian island of Sumba, where the people struggle to grow food to eat? Watch this clip to learn about environmental conditions and agricultural challenges there. Find out also what people in Sumba are doing to prepare ...


'Between traditional and white culture' cartoon by John Tiedemann, 2007

This is a black-and-white sketched illustration by John Tiedemann commenting on the Northern Territory Emergency Response or 'intervention'. It shows an Indigenous man being pulled apart by the arms, held by the thumbs and forefingers of a black hand on one side and a white hand on the other. This cartoon first appeared ...


'Welcome to democracy' cartoon by Dean Alston, 2006

This is a monochrome cartoon by Dean Alston commenting on the Australian Government's intervention in the 2006 Dili riots. Australian military forces and Timorese villagers appear in the background with a burning village behind them. It shows a local East Timorese man in the foreground saying, '... POLITICIANS BECAME ARROGANT, ...


'The details'll be along later' cartoon by Geoff Pryor, 2007

This black-and-white cartoon by Geoff Pryor comments on the Northern Territory Emergency Response or 'intervention'. In the foreground are the legs of a soldier who is wearing army fatigues and carrying a baton. Between the soldier's legs are two Indigenous men, a woman, small children and a dog. The soldier is saying '... ...


'UnAustralia' cartoon by Fiona Katauskas, 2001

This colour cartoon by Fiona Katauskas is a reaction to an incident in August 2001 in which Afghan asylum seekers rescued at sea by the MV Tampa were denied entry to Australia. The cartoon shows a dilapidated ship crowded with asylum seekers approaching a pier where an elderly woman stands with outstretched arms, saying: ...


'Dream time - nightmare time' cartoon by Michael Atchison, the Adelaide Advertiser, 2007

This black-and-white cartoon by Michael Atchison comments on the Northern Territory Emergency Response or 'intervention'. On the left, it depicts Aboriginal rock art above the caption 'DREAM TIME'. On the right, under the caption 'NIGHTMARE TIME', it depicts images with labels such as 'ABUSE', 'PORN', 'GROG', 'DRUGS' and ...


South Melbourne Methodist Mission News, c1924: Warmth and happiness

This silent black-and-white clip taken from a sponsored film shows the Reverend Robert Williams from the South Melbourne Methodist Mission distributing weekly rations of firewood to needy families as part of the Mission's work. The Reverend fills wheelbarrows, prams and firewood carts with firewood for women and children ...


Rabbit-Proof Fence, 2002: Mr Neville says no

This clip shows Mr Neville, the Chief Protector of Aborigines in Western Australia (Kenneth Branagh), inspecting the colour of Molly's skin. It opens with Mr Neville calling Molly (Everlyn Sampi) out of the group of children assembled in front of the church at the Moore River Settlement. Another Aboriginal girl and the ...


Beyond the furthest fences, 1947: The AIM nursing hostel, Birdsville

This silent clip shows the working activities of nursing sisters at the Australian Inland Mission (AIM) nursing hostel at Birdsville in Queensland in 1947. A sister is shown bandaging a young girl's finger and applying drops to a boy's eye, with close-up shots revealing her skill. Footage of goats in a pen is followed by ...


Melbourne Chinese Orchestra Selections, 1931

This black-and-white clip shows part of a traditional Chinese musical performance on stage by eight members of the Melbourne Chinese Orchestra in 1931. The clip begins with a caption reading: 'SELECTIONS / Melbourne Chinese Orchestra', shown on the closed stage curtain. The music begins at the same time and then the curtain ...

Teacher resource

Using 'Light and vision' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explores the eye as a receptor of light. Students build on prior understandings of light relating to wave theory and particle theory, and move on to investigate reflection, refraction, optics and prisms. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.

Teacher resource

Light and the law of reflection: Teacher idea

In this Teacher idea, students explore how light travels and the law of reflection. They consolidate their knowledge using of a range of learning objects then explore the eye and the use of lenses. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.