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Listed under:  Health  >  Sanitation  >  Hygiene

Happy Baby Gummy teethers, 2004

These are two Happy Baby Gummy teethers made of medical-grade silicone and food-grade polypropylene by Sanbrook Holdings, Victoria, in 2004. Both teethers have clear semi-circular handles and a clear arc-shaped section designed to fit around a baby's gums. In between is a coloured shield. The shield of one of the teethers ...


Mirror, c1880

This small, round mirror for personal use was excavated at Casselden Place, Melbourne, in 2003, part of a district known as 'Little Lon'. It is now part of the Little Lonsdale Street archaeological collection at Museum Victoria.

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Keeping ancient Romans clean and healthy

How did people keep clean in ancient Rome when most people lived in small flats with no plumbing or running water? How did they keep healthy in a time when only the rich could afford doctors and medical knowledge was lacking? Discover the extraordinarily advanced world of Roman engineering that produced public baths, toilets, ...


Bone toothbrush, c1880

This toothbrush was excavated at Casselden Place, Melbourne - part of a district known as 'Little Lon' - in 2003. The toothbrush is made from bone and has holes in the head for bristles, which have rotted away. Stamped on the handle is 'Improved Warranted Extra Quality'. This object is now part of the Little Lonsdale Street ...

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Access to safe water and sanitation

This is a compilation of seven teaching sequences about access to safe water and sanitation. It includes sections on access to safe water and adequate sanitation services; water collection and use; ways water is accessed in some developing countries; use of appropriate technology to produce safe, clean water and toilets; ...

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Staying healthy

This is a compilation of five teaching sequences about people's health in different parts of the world. It includes sections on factors that contribute to good and poor health; countries affected by malaria; health problems caused by dehydration; strategies for improving health and hygiene; ways to maintain hygienic practices; ...

Interactive Resource

Food Preservation

Visit our virtual kitchen! There's 10 tricky questions to try and catch students out in the microcosmic world of food preservation. An engaging and fun way to identify and understand some personal hygiene practices.

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Syllabus bites: Solving world problems with biotechnology

This web page is designed to help students to understand the history of biotechnology and how it contributes to solving real-world problems such as disease and waste disposal.

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All about eggs:animal welfare - whatis it all about?

This interactive lesson enables students to understand how the growth and survival of a hen is affected by the physical conditions of its environment. They will gain knowledge of the ways in which egg farmers care for their hens and how the government enforces strict guidelines to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Students ...