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Aboriginal children's play, oral history project in the Australian Children's Folklore Collection, 1991-97

This item consists of an open photograph album and some audio cassette tapes containing interviews. These were collected between as part of a 1991-97 Aboriginal Children's Play oral history project. The project investigated games, rhymes, recollections and descriptions of childhood play by Koori adults and children living ...


First Australians, episode 1: They have come to stay, 2008

This resource includes three clips from the television series First Australians. The clips describe the millennia before the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 and the time immediately after. The first clip focuses on how ancestral beings shaped the land and how the people came afterwards; the second describes the initial ...


First Australians, episode 2: Her will to survive, 2008

This resource features three clips from the television series First Australians. The clips describe the life and historical context of Tasmanian woman Truganini. The first clip focuses on how she survived in the late 1820s and early 1830s; the second analyses the emerging theory of social Darwinism in the colonial period; ...


First Australians, episode 4: No other law, 2008

This resource contains three clips from the television series First Australians. This clips describe aspects of the history and life of the Arrernte people of central Australia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The first clip focuses on the Altyerra (Dreaming); the second on the recorded memories of Arrernte man ...


First Australians, episode 5: Unhealthy government experiment, 2008

In this resource are three clips from the television series First Australians. The clips describe aspects of the treatment of Aboriginal people from the late 1890s onwards, especially in Western Australia. They focus particularly on removals - how men and older boys were removed from their country and taken away to prison ...


First Australians, episode 6: A fair deal for a dark race, 2008

This resource features three clips from the television series First Australians. The clips describe how Aboriginal activists worked to achieve social reform and human rights in the period 1930 to 1987. The first clip focuses on how government bureaucracies controlled the lives of Indigenous people and on the emerging activism ...


Joan Winch, 2003: Indigenous health workers

This clip is an excerpt from 'Joan Winch' (26 min), an episode of 'Australian biography' series 9, produced in 2003. In the clip Joan Winch - a Nyungar-Martujarra Elder, nurse, midwife, academic and educator - talks about setting up an Aboriginal health workers' program in Western Australia. She asked the community to nominate ...


Noongar people speak about a sense of place

Some places hold special importance for us. Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a very strong sense of connection to their ancestral lands. They are important elements of their history and culture. In this audio clip, listen to two Noongar speakers talk about their connection to place.

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Preserving Aboriginal languages

Explore some of the challenges facing many Aboriginal languages and how one man is trying to preserve these 'ancient words'. Consider, too, why languages are important.

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A poetic journey through personal identity

It is undeniable that our society likes to put people into boxes. But what about those, like Laurie May, who find they don't quite fit into neat little categories? In this thought-provoking poem, Laurie challenges society and its attempts to define her Indigenous identity.


'On nights like this' by Josephine Rowe

'On nights like this' by Josephine Rowe is a poem in which the narrator summons memories of her absent mother captured in unhappy domestic situations. Thoughts of her mother feeding the rabbits on a cold winter's night is the one memory the narrator finds the 'nicest'. The poem is presented in a white box on a black background ...


Marion Scrymgour talks about her mixed sense of identity, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of a Northern Territory politician, Marion Scrymgour, talking about her Tiwi and central Australian backgrounds. She says that all her life she has considered herself to be a Tiwi Islander, like her mother. However, she has also recently 'come to accept that I've got this other different ...


Ron Merkel discusses the difficulty of handling refugee cases, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of former Federal Court of Australia judge Ron Merkel discussing the difficulty of handling refugee cases. Merkel outlines how criteria from the UN refugee convention are used to make a judgement about whether a person is a genuine refugee. He explains that 'it's a very imperfect process' ...

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Aboriginal rights - Teacher idea

In this Teacher idea, students create a photographic essay about Australia's Indigenous peoples’ struggle for recognition and civil rights. The students use Windows MovieMaker software to make their essay. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


Sunset to Sunrise (Ingwartentyele - Arrerlkeme), 2006: My father's country

This clip shows Rupert Max Stuart, an Arrernte Mat-utjarra Elder, speaking beside a campfire about the importance of his culture. He emphasises the significance of his father's country, Ananta, also known as Lila Creek, while reminding the young men about the importance of their own culture. He stresses that they should ...


Loved Up - Endangered, 2005: A black rose

This clip shows Indigenous people responding to the early deaths and high imprisonment rates of Aboriginal men and how these facts relate to the loss of traditional roles and cultural practices. A young woman talks about the loss of her Aboriginal partner and the effect on herself and her children. Then Sasha, Josie and ...


Loved Up - Endangered, 2005: 'This is a black country'

This clip shows Josie and Greg reflecting on marriage between Aboriginal people and the role it plays in the future of Indigenous peoples and their cultures. Josie and Greg speak directly to the camera and Greg is also seen walking along a street through an exhibition of historical and contemporary artworks representing ...

Teacher resource

Shaping meaning in texts - unit of work

In this unit of work, students explore texts with an Aboriginal context in order to learn about how language choices and techniques shape meaning. They learn about autobiography as a form of writing, examine storytelling in words and images, and explore ways of positioning an audience for a particular purpose.


'Timmy, a Tasmanian Aboriginal, throwing a spear', 1838

This is an 1838 oil painting (81.0 cm x 71.5 cm) by Benjamin Duterrau (1767-1851) of a heavily built, muscular Tasmanian Aboriginal man, who is posed as if about to throw a spear. He is shown side-on with his legs extended, his left arm out-thrust and his right throwing arm almost fully extended, with a spear poised delicately ...


'Persecuted lovers', 1957-58

This is an oil and tempera painting by Arthur Boyd (1920-99), dating from 1957-58. Measuring 137.2 cm x 182.9 cm, the work shows a kneeling man (who wears a business suit, tie and hat and has a white beetle on his left cheek) pointing a rifle at a man and woman who are lying together on the ground. The man on the ground ...