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Fawkner Press 'forme' with typesetting items, 1850-1900; assembled 2008

This is a printing forme - a box filled with 19th-century type and typesetting items. When the forme is empty the frame is known as a chase. The overall dimensions are: length 35.5 cm, width 53 cm, height 1 cm.


CSIRAC computer console with 12-hole tape reader, 1960

This is a photograph showing Roy Muncey from the CSIRO Division of Building Research at a CSIRAC console, with 12-hole tape reader to his left and cabinets in front. The editing plate is sitting on the console to his left amd the test unit can be seen to his far right. The photograph was taken at night on 17 June 1960, ...


Operating console of CSIRAC, 1955-64

This is a 1964 photograph showing maintenance engineer Jurij Semkiw at the operating console of CSIRAC, Australia's first digital computer. CSIRAC, or 'Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Automatic Computer' was one of the world's first electronic digital stored program computers. It is the last of the first ...


Apple II software program - VisiCalc, 5 1/4-inch floppy disk, 1981

This is the cover of a folder containing VisiCalc, the world's first electronic spreadsheet program for personal computers. Text on the cover reads: 'VISICALC / INSTANTLY CALCULATING "ELECTRONIC" WORKSHEET' at the top and 'VISICORP / PERSONAL SOFTWARE' at the bottom. There are also examples of calculations the program could ...


Apple Macintosh software game - 'Tetris', 3 1/2-inch floppy disk, 1987

Tetris is a falling-blocks puzzle video game that was designed and programmed in Moscow in 1984. Its developer has said that he was inspired by pentominoes. The name is derived from the Greek 'tetra' meaning 'four'. This game 'Tetris - The Soviet Challenge - 1987 and 1988' was collected because it was one of the first games ...


Riddle of the black panther: the search

Track down a black panther reported to be prowling around a town. Interview witnesses and gather information from sources such as a website, advertisement and newspaper article. Notice that some of the statements may be wrong and the opinions may be biased. Choose the evidence most likely to be accurate. Rate reliability ...


Sustainable travel

In this sequence of learning, students design and pitch ideas for an app that informs users of the cost associated with various forms of transport. They investigate the costs and environmental impact of forms of transport, including public transport. They then explore ideas for designing an app to allow commuters to track ...


Digital Technologies Hub

The Digital Technologies Hub is a website that supports Australian primary teachers, secondary teachers, students, school leaders and school communities in engaging with the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. The hub provides scaffolded support for teachers and many of the resources will assist those getting started ...


Australia's Trade through Time

Using an interactive timeline created by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this Teacher guide provides 12 series of learning experiences that engage students in the analysis and interpretation of data about Australian trade from 1900 to the present day. Students study videos, tables, images and texts in order ...