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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Finance  >  Insurance
Interactive resource

Safe or sorry: insurance

Buy a car and insure it on a budget of $12,000. Gather information before making your final choices about type of car, any modifications, and car insurance with options including excess and replacement policies. Discover the consequences of your choices when an unexpected event happens. Test your understanding of car insurance, ...


Four Corners - Car Wars, 2006: The magic bullet

This clip shows a technological innovation that has been introduced to combat car theft, an innovation that involves spraying microdots over various parts of a new car. The clip includes interviews with Phil Harding from Holden, Ian Allen whose company DataDot Technology developed this innovation, and Ray Carroll from the ...

Moving Image

MoneySmart: classroom resources

This is a collection of seven videos about financial and consumer issues that affect young people. Five of the videos show young people dealing with the mistakes they have made in maxing out their credit cards, buying a car, moving out of home, taking their first job, or shopping online. The secondary school simulation ...

Teacher resource

MoneySmart: money management kit

This is a kit about financial and consumer literacy for use by those who work with people with English as an additional language of dialect (EALD) recently arrived in Australia. It contains detailed programs of adult instruction, factsheets, audio stories, and videos for 10 topics: household budgets, saving money, paying ...