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Listed under:  Language  >  Natural languages  >  Italian language
Interactive Resource


This collection of interactive resources covers essential categories of Italian vocabulary including: Colori, Frutta e dolci, La verdura, Gli edifici, Il tempo, Gli sport, In cucina, and Gli animali. It provides an introduction page for each category, so that students can learn and revise the relevant words and expressions, ...

Interactive Resource


This resource is about translating from English to Italian short texts that describe people, places and events, and to execute simple transactions. The resource has four sections: two are about people and objects, and two are about events, routines and ordering and eating food. Students are given multiple options as solutions, ...

Interactive Resource

Aggettivi e avverbi

This is a set of interactive resources about Italian adjectives, with specific emphasis on 'buono', 'bello', 'quello' and possessives. It is divided into four sections with self-explanatory headings: Buono, Bello e quello, Aggettivi and Aggettivi possessivi. It emphasises a range of key qualifying adjectives, and an introduction ...

Interactive Resource


This is a set of three interactive Italian language quizzes focusing on the use of interrogatives. These include 'chi', 'come', 'che cosa', 'dove', 'quando', 'quale', and also 'quanto' and 'perche'. It provides hints and a cumulative score system for each section.

Interactive Resource


This is a collection of Italian language resources focusing on the formation and use of regular verbs with the endings '-are', '-ire' and '-ere'; auxiliary verbs ('avere' and 'essere'); and other common irregular verbs in the present, gerund and present perfect tenses. It includes modal verbs, idiomatic expressions with ...

Interactive Resource


This is a collection of interactive Italian language vocabulary drills that focus on essential nouns, verbs and adjectives from topics such as personal identity, ordinal numbers, school, family and friends. It is divided into five chapters that relate to the textbook 'Prego', but can also be used as a stand-alone resource, ...


Revision: describe yourself and others

This collection of interactive and printable resources consolidates and revises the vocabulary and structures used to introduce and describe yourself and others: name, age, address, physical features, likes, dislikes, hobbies, school, family, friends and pets. It provides a variety of text types, and focuses on all macro ...

Interactive Resource


This is a collection of interactive Italian language activities about the words and expressions used in salutations, introductions, transactions, and in exchanges about time and weather. It comprises four sections: Greetings, Vocabolario per la classe, Stagioni e mesi, and Giorni della settimana. Each section has an introduction ...

Interactive Resource


This is a collection of five Italian language activities about the definite and indefinite articles, used in isolation with nouns as well as in simple connected sentences. It includes a summary page, hints and a scoring system.

Interactive Resource

Ora, date e numeri

This interactive resource is about the Italian numbers from 1 to 100 and their use in telling the time in predictable contexts. It is divided into three sections: Numeri da uno a dieci, Numeri da uno a cento and L'ora'. It provides an explanatory introduction, followed by exercises including matching, multiple choices, ...

Interactive Resource


This is a set of interactive activities about Italian nouns, specifically their 'genere' and 'numero' (the concepts of gender and number). It uses essential vocabulary that has been introduced in previous units.