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Cross-age tutoring

This National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) resource is a short online video that demonstrates the potential of a virtual learning environment for peer teaching in primary school Japanese language programs. The video shows how a teacher addressed the question of how to implement a cross-age tutoring ...

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A creative space

A teacher at a remote school in the Kimberley describes her aims in teaching kindergarten students. In one of her classes she begins the lesson with a group activity, then subsequently supports individual and group learning activities. She is able to maintain a differentiated learning environment where learners are constructing ...

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Exploring the world

The teacher explores seemingly contradictory issues relating to student safety when describing how she supports students and teachers who use the Rona Glynn Bush Preschool. This learning environment aims to provide children with opportunity to learn through play and exploration, and such play may involve risks. She describes ...

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The challenge of the new

The teacher is a mathematics director in a newly built school in the ACT. He is responsible for supporting a number of colleagues who range from beginning teachers to those who are highly experienced. He explains that his role is to assist them to select and trial new approaches to teaching and learning. This involves subsequent ...

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Communication strategies

The teacher adopts several techniques to communicate with students. These include verbal instructions, picture cues and posters. Together, the students and teacher have developed a set of classroom expectations. She also uses simple hand gestures and facial cues to help students understand what is expected. She has developed ...

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Planning for students' needs

A teacher describes how she has adapted to a very different learning environment, following her transfer to Wooranna Park Primary School. The philosophy underpinning the teaching and learning program at her new school has had implications for how she plans her lessons, delivers the curriculum, and works with her colleagues.  ...

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Engaging with technology

The teacher describes how information and communication technology has enabled her to transform the ways of learning in her classroom. The introduction of, and use of ICT, has increased the options available to meet the specific learning needs of students across a wide range of abilities. In the illustration, the teacher ...

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Responsible use of ICT

Here the teacher explains how teacher confidence is key to safe and supportive learning environments when using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with students. She achieves this by supporting teachers develop small, self-contained projects that use secure ICT learning environments and supports them in their ...

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Imagine looking down

Having taught the mathematical concept of location as a relative position on a chessboard in the school playground, the teacher tests students’ understanding by getting them to draw known places, areas and items on the grid as they would be seen from above from a plane. The activity is modelled to another teacher who will ...