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'Playing Beatie Bow', 1985

These three clips from a 1985 Australian feature film based on Ruth Park's classic Australian novel 'Playing Beatie Bow' depict a troubled teenager, Abigail, who travels back in time from Sydney in the 1980s to Sydney in 1873. The first clip shows how Abigail accidentally travels back in time with a strange girl to 1873. ...


Comparing the book and the film of 'The Hobbit'

Have you ever read a book and then seen the film version of it? Did you think it was well done or could it have been done differently? In this panel interview presented by Michael Cathcart, academics Mark Atherton and Lynette Porter talk about the things that influenced J.R.R. Tolkien in writing 'The Hobbit'. They also ...

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John le Carré: early influences

How do writers of spy novels find inspiration? Where do they learn about the people and places that feature in their books? Listen to acclaimed author John le Carré explain how he draws upon his childhood, family and his work with the British secret service to inspire and inform his novels.

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John le Carré: interrogation

In the world of espionage, interrogation is crucial. How do interviewers ensure that information obtained during interrogation is useful? How do they determine whether an interviewee is telling the truth? In this clip, author John le Carré explains some of the finer points of successful interrogation.

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Lights, camera, action: editing

Explore how editing helps to tell a story in films. Learn words used to describe transitions and time span of scenes. See how the order of scenes and type of transitions can affect the flow, set a mood and keep an audience interested. Look at ways to create feelings such as excitement, humour or fear. For example, a 'fade-in' ...

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Lights, camera, action: lighting

Explore how lighting effects are used in films to tell a story. Learn words used to describe light levels and lighting effects. See how combinations of lighting can hide or reveal things, set a mood and influence audience feelings. Look at ways to create feelings such as excitement, humour or fear. For example, dim lighting ...

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Starting an adventure - unit of work

This unit of work explores elements of narrative in the context of a particular type of narrative, the adventure story. The unit is designed to help students understand the purpose of adventure stories, the narrative structure onto which the writer builds events, characters and setting, and how writers engage readers. Students ...

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Writing an adventure - unit of work

This unit of work takes students through a series of scaffolded activities in which they construct and write an adventure story for younger children. Students learn about: types of adventure stories, narrative time structures, processes for structuring narratives at the stages of orientation, complication and resolution, ...


Apple Macintosh software game 'Warlords', 1991

This is the cover of an Apple Macintosh software game called 'Warlords'. It shows a medieval knight holding a sword and shield and standing in front of a castle. The text on the cover reads: 'Steve Fawkner / WARLORDS / Roger Keating / Stephen Hart / Gregor Whiley'. A rectangular section at the bottom left reads 'Mac (Plus ...


Apple Macintosh software game 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', 1984

This is the cover of an Apple Macintosh software game called 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. It shows a green spherical creature floating in space. It is covering its eyes and its large red tongue is sticking out. Behind it, there are three planets, one cratered and in flames and another Earth-like, but with Saturn-like ...


Apple II software game - 'Reach for the Stars', Third Edition, 1987

This is the cover of the third edition of 'Reach for the Stars: The Conquest of the Galaxy', a four-player computer game on a 5 1/4-inch floppy disk that came with a manual in a cardboard folder. The original 'Reach for the Stars' had been released in 1983. This edition was introduced in 1987. It added more choice and decision-making ...


Apple II software game - 'The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate',1988

This is the cover of an Apple II software game called 'The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate'. It shows an illustration by Randy Berrett of a demonic figure rising above flames and reaching clawed hands towards four heroic figures of the fantasy genre: a wizard with a staff, an archer, a warrior with a sword and shield, and ...


ANZAC remembrance medal by Dora Ohlfsen, 1919

This is a copper medal featuring on the obverse a fallen soldier surrounded with a laurel wreath being comforted by a female figure who symbolises Australia. It is inscribed: 'DORA OHLFSEN 1918' struck half off the flan (not visible here). The reverse depicts an outline of an armed soldier in profile and is inscribed: 'ANZAC. ...


Cowgirl dress-ups, c1950-80

This fancy dress costume consists of an 'Annie Oakley'-style cowgirl skirt and waistcoat.


Cowboy dress-ups, c1950-80

This is a boy's fancy dress costume of fabric and plastic cowboy chaps, from about 1950-80. The chaps are decorated with sheriff stars, a holster pocket and a metal buckle at the back. They are 580 mm high and 500 mm wide.


Postcard with poem entitled 'Doors', 1939

This poem, entitled 'Doors', was written by Arthur Lederer shortly before he and his family departed England on board SS Orama in 1939. The Lederers had fled Austria to escape Nazi persecution of the Jews and had travelled via Czechoslovakia and Great Britain before joining their ship to Australia. The poem uses a door ...


Anzac Day promotional film, c1916

This film clip is an early cinema advertisement promoting Anzac Day. Silent black-and-white footage shows men in Australian Army uniforms moving through trenches surrounded by smoke. They carry guns and some of them are wearing gas masks. A title at the end says, 'A nation's manhood straining at its task - of carving ANZAC ...


'Clay', 1965

These three clips come from the Australian feature film 'Clay', made in 1965, in which Nick, a killer on the run from the police, takes shelter in an isolated artists' colony and falls in love with Margot. The first clip shows Nick running from the police and then collapsing, to be found by Margot; the second clip shows ...


First Australians, episode 4: No other law, 2008

This resource contains three clips from the television series First Australians. This clips describe aspects of the history and life of the Arrernte people of central Australia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The first clip focuses on the Altyerra (Dreaming); the second on the recorded memories of Arrernte man ...


'Life at the Top: A Week with Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser', 1977

These are two clips of television documentary footage showing some typical activities of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser during one week in 1977. The first clip shows Malcolm Fraser at home after a 14-hour day socialising with his family. The second clip presents the prime minister eating lunch with steel workers in Wollongong, ...