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Primary English: different representations

These seven learning activities, which focus on 'representations' using a variety of tools (software) and devices (hardware), illustrate the ways in which content, pedagogy and technology can be successfully and effectively integrated in order to promote learning. In the activities, teachers expose students to a wide range ...

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Refugees and migration: seeking refuge - the journey

This is an interactive resource about refugees and asylum seekers. It contain sections about the journey refugees take including the reasons for leaving their home, their physical journey and the process of seeking refuge and resettlement. The resource is presented as a unit of work with activities aimed at developing the ...

Teacher resource

Neighbours, Asia-Pacific: helping hands

This is an interactive resource exploring fiction, non-fiction and multimodal texts that relate to the 2004 Asian tsunami and its aftermath. The resource is presented as a unit of work with learning activities focused on gathering information from the different texts and examining how language was used to report the tsunami. ...

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Indigenous peoples: ways of being

This is an interactive resource about Australian Aboriginal languages, with a particular focus on how culture is embedded into language. The Aboriginal English language and other Indigenous Australian languages are explored to reveal that Indigenous cultural identity is strongly expressed and developed through sharing language ...

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This is a short animated video, suitable for children in the early and mid-primary years of schooling, about recounts. It begins by defining a recount as a text that tells of something that has already happened, and giving some examples. It explains that a recount begins with an orientation (a section telling who, what, ...

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This is a short animated video, suitable for children in the early and mid-primary years of schooling, about explanations. It begins by defining an explanation as a text that tells how and why things happen and often includes pictures to help the reader understand. It describes how an explanation begins with a title, followed ...

Teacher resource

Save one island, save them all

This is a unit of inquiry consisting of 12 learning sequences for year 5 in the English for the Australian Curriculum resource. Each learning sequence contains a series of resources, suggested activities to carry out with students and a post-activity reflection. This unit of work focuses on a hybrid text 'One Small Island' ...

Teacher resource

The gingerbread man

Two lessons, within a wider literacy unit on 'literary recounts', are taught by a pre-service teacher. In the first lesson, the teacher requires the students to listen and comprehend while she models a 'recount'. In the second lesson, smaller groups take the story of the gingerbread man, use or adapt it with puppets and ...

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Sitting and listening

A pre-service teacher recognises that she must use a range of teaching strategies to respond to the age and learning characteristics of her students. She plans her lesson in short spans to take account of their cognitive and physical characteristics, realising that too much sitting and listening would be inappropriate. ...

Teacher resource

Dictogloss for EAL/D students

The teacher guides the class to develop their English language proficiency through a Dictogloss activity that involves listening, talking together, writing and reading back. The teacher directly scaffolds students’ learning through explicit explanation of the task, reading of a model, facilitating oral reconstruction, providing ...

Teacher resource

Using Sebastian Lives in a Hat to Write Recounts in Foundation/Year 1

In this lesson plan, students use the text ‘Sebastian Lives in a Hat’ to help them recount the events that have occurred into beginning, middle and end. The teacher then models how to write a recount, before allowing the students to do their own (with some scaffolding approaches included).