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Listed under:  Location (Geometry)

Measurement and Geometry- Location and transformation

This is a unit of work that uses farming to explore the measurement and geometry concepts of grid references, directional language, area and length. It has a teacher directed task that introduces directional language and grid references and two student work tasks. The work tasks involve designing a farm using a grid and ...


Pigs in hiding

The pigs are playing a game of hide and seek. One pig counts to 100 while all the other pigs go and hide. But where are the hiding pigs? The pig cannot find the hiding pigs so he sets up a table of food to lure the other pigs from their hiding places. The spoken text of this short animated story is featured in speech bubbles ...


How Global Positioning System (GPS) works

This teaching resource outlines an activity for students to use trilateration to mark and locate a position. Students use string and three stationary objects to mark a point, then move the string, and other students relocate the point. This activity models how three circles with different centres can only intersect at one ...