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Cover of The Reformer journal, 1905

This is the cover of an edition of a journal, titled The Reformer, dated 31 August 1905. The cover describes it as 'A FORTNIGHTLY JOURNAL FOR PRODUCERS' and includes the text 'SPECIAL ISSUE. THE HARVESTER QUESTION'. Below this text is a cartoon depicting two figures - industrialist Hugh Victor McKay on the left, and on ...

Moving Image

The import of exports!

Is it better for Australia to import or export goods and services? Find out the top countries Australia trades with and the types of things that are typically imported and exported. How is Australia's foreign debt linked to importing goods and services?

Teacher resource

China and globalisation

This is a website that focuses on the teaching of elementary Chinese language through six units that are populated with teaching and assessment ideas, historical and contemporary information, still images, video content, downloadable worksheets, hyperlinks to further resources and Chinese language flash cards. The six units ...

Teacher resource

Connecting to Asia

This is an online module consisting of teacher notes, three stimulus resources and student activities that explore how Australia connects with the Asia region and the skills that Australians require if they are to work with or in the countries of Asia. The teacher notes contain additional online resources and pedagogical ...

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Trade statistics

This learning activity consists of a series of online resources supporting students to engage, explore and reflect on Australia's interdependence with economies in the Asia region. Students analyse data and information to identify Australia's major trading partners for food and fibre items. The activities provide students ...

Interactive resource

Biography: Federation people: Bernhard Wise

Investigate the role played by Bernhard Wise in the events leading up to, and following, Federation in Australia. Examine two different types of biographies of Wise: one short and the other more detailed. Inspect examples of how he was visually depicted in his time. This learning object is one in a series of objects in ...

Interactive resource

Discovering democracy: views from the colonies

Interact with a slideshow of images and text to explore the controversies that the colonies needed to deal with before they could agree on a federated Australia. Investigate the library to find out more about the different views about trade, immigration, transport, defence and rivers. Examine the rivalries among the colonies ...

Teacher resource

The Great Depression - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea describes how students explored a range of digital and other resources to develop their understanding of the Depression and its effects in Australia. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


'A shining example', 1920 - asset 1

This is a clip taken from a 1920 black-and-white silent 'documentary' made in Melbourne by Herschells Films titled 'A shining example'. The excerpt opens with scenes of a man and his sister examining a silver teapot in a shop. The man is shown turning the teapot over and looking underneath while talking to the salesman. ...


'A shining example', 1920 - asset 2

This is a clip taken from a 1920 black-and-white silent documentary made in Melbourne by Herschells Films titled 'A shining example.' The opening scene shows a man and his sister standing in front of a glass-topped counter in a shop examining a silver teapot and in conversation with the salesman. An intertitle of the man's ...


'A shining example', 1920 - asset 3

This is a clip from a 1920 black-and-white silent documentary made in Melbourne by Herschells Films titled 'A shining example.' The excerpt opens with a salesman and a female customer in conversation, probably about an article on a glass-topped counter. This scene is followed by a shot of the woman's brother speaking into ...


Charles Kingston introducing the first Australian Government tariff, 1901

This is a black-and-white photograph of Charles Kingston (standing centre left), the first federal minister for trade and customs in the first Australian Parliament, introducing the first Australian Government Customs Tariff Bill in October 1901. Seated opposite him is the leader of the opposition, George Reid. This posed ...


Anti-Chinese immigration cartoon, 1888 - item 3

This sepia cartoon with a caption shows a young man labelled 'YOUNG AUSTRALIA' barring a gate through which Chinese immigrants are attempting to enter. A sign reading 'PLAGUE SHIP' can be seen behind the Chinese people. An old man, 'Old Australia', stands with his hand on the young man's shoulder. In the foreground is a ...


Henry Parkes restricting Chinese immigration, 1888

This sepia cartoon depicts New South Wales colonial premier Henry Parkes adding a plank labelled 'CHINESE RESTRICTIONS' to a barricade that is holding back a crowd of Chinese men. There are ships docked in the distance. Next to Parkes stands the figure of Justice, who has raised her blindfold of impartiality; her scales ...


White Australia Policy badge, c1920

This is a circular copper-nickel and aluminium fob badge made around 1920. The words 'WHITE / AUSTRALIA' run across a central cut-out map of Australia, which is made of silvered (white) wash on aluminium. The circular brass border bears the words 'AUSTRALIA FOR THE AUSTRALIANS'. There is suspension loop at top. The badge ...


Women cutting up letters at the Kodak factory, 1939-45

This is a sepia photograph of women cutting up microfilmed letters with guillotines in the processing laboratories at the Kodak factory in Abbotsford, Melbourne, during the Second World War. The letters had come from soldiers serving overseas. The women are sitting at long wooden desks and the letters are wound onto large ...


Preston Market in Melbourne, 1970

This is a black-and-white image from a negative depicting a section of the Preston Market in Melbourne. A number of people are shown in a courtyard, sitting on benches, walking with children or pushing infants in strollers. The courtyard is surrounded by the glass fronts of various shops, including takeaway and food shops. ...


Hugh McKay with representatives of the Russian Agricultural Society, 1912

This is a black-and-white photograph of industrialist and inventor Hugh McKay with representatives of the Russian Agricultural Society, taken during McKay’s marketing tour of Russia in 1912. The photograph appears to be part of a newspaper cutting and shows about 22 men dressed formally in suits, shirts and ties. They are ...


Sunshine Model 'A' tractor, c1918

This is a working model of a Sunshine Model 'A' tractor, manufactured by the H V McKay company in Sunshine, Victoria, in about 1918. Patented in 1916, the Model 'A' tractor was designed for use as the propulsion unit for a self-propelled stripper harvester, or as a stand-alone tractor. It is powered by a four-cylinder, ...


Man digging air-raid shelter in backyard, Auburn, 1940s

This is a black-and-white photograph of a man using a shovel to dig an air-raid shelter in the backyard of a family house in Auburn, Melbourne, during the Second World War. The hole the man is working on is to be lined with wood. A wooden frame is constructed above the hole.