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GTV9, shooting a commercial on set, 1969

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting a group of actors rehearsing for a Kellogg's Corn Flakes commercial in a studio at GTV-9 Television. Three men, wearing white shirts and ties, are seated at a table on which are laid breakfast items. Behind them stand a woman and man who are looking at ...


Symons boys eating dinner in sunroom, Strathmore, 1985

This is a colour photograph showing John, Gordon, Paul and David Symons eating dinner in the sunroom of their house at Strathmore. The photograph was taken by their mother, Judy Archer. Her plate is visible at the table, which she had left to take the photograph. The photograph was taken in the spring of 1985. The image ...


My Place - Episode 13: 1888: Victoria, Victoria's family supper

Alexandra's father is talking with his Irish tradesman who is instructing him to hide a dead cat in the roof of the house for luck. Victoria calls her father for dinner. At dinner, Victoria's mother is talking about her 'at home' invitation and who has accepted. She pauses to check Miss Müller's arrival and comments on ...

Moving Image

Festive feasts: foods for Christmas in 1983

Australians serve many different foods at Christmas time, and this often depends on where their families have come from. This clip from 1983 shows an English Christmas roast dinner and food for a traditional Italian Christmas feast. Do you eat any special foods at this time of year?

Interactive Resource

La mappa misteriosa: episode 9 - vocabulary and grammar

This is a set of interactive tutorials and activities that focus on the Italian vocabulary and grammar at the centre of episode 9 of 'La mappa misteriosa'. They cover conjugation of the verb 'mangiare', words for foods, drinks and main meals (for example, 'primo', 'secondo') and the contextual use of 'c'è' and 'ci sono'. ...

Moving Image

La mappa misteriosa: episode 9 - Off the menu

This is episode 9 of 'La mappa misteriosa', a 12-episode video series for Italian language students. This episode focuses on the language functions for ordering at a restaurant and discussing the food and drink options on a menu. The episode is set in a canal-side restaurant in Cervia, where Renata and her nephew Marco ...


Choice: groceries

This is a web page providing reviews of various grocery products and results of taste comparison tests. It covers sausages, bread, liquid breakfasts, breakfast cereals, Christmas puddings, cake mix, frozen fish and salad dressing as well as looking at Stevia sugar substitute and the major steps beef goes through from the ...

Teacher resource

Food across the Asia region

This learning activity consists of a series of online resources supporting students to engage, explore and reflect on how people from across the countries of the Asia region have a diet consisting of local plants and animals; and how they design and create different cuisines. Students view video clips and describe food ...

Moving Image

Lunchbox Legends - the people behind your lunch (Animation)

This is a video about the various occupations involved in developing and producing the food used in a ham and salad lunch roll. The video is presented by Will, a primary-school-aged boy, who identifies and describes nine occupations in several broad groups including researchers, growers of plant food; producers of animal ...